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The 20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City Media (15 – 11)

Before we get to the next five woman in our countdown of the 20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City media, lets pour a little out for these ladies who appeared on our 2011 list but moved on to bigger and better things:

20. Amanda Guerra (Moved to Dallas)
19. Danielle Vollmar (Moved to Dallas)
11. Lacey Lett (Moved to Tulsa)
10. Tara Vreeland (Stayed in Tulsa)
9. Angela Rosecrans (Left the Media)
8. Erin Guy (Moved to Palm Beach)
4. Jennifer Pierce (Left the Media)
3. Jessica Perez (Moved to Chicago) (Pictured above)

That's eight out of 20 from last year's list. That's a lot. Maybe that's why this year's rankings took a little longer to create.

15. Whitney Finely
Managing Editor, So6ix

Yeah, labeling So6ix a media outlet is a little bit like calling Mackie McNear's a steak house, but as I mentioned above, we lost eight girls from this year's list.

Digging up info on Whitney Finely was about as difficult as finding an African-American in Bethany. She's goes by about 20 last names and doesn't seem to actively use any social media. Hell, I'm not even 100% sure that Whitney is even a real person!

But that doesn't matter, Whitney's good-looking in a "I have a rich husband, drive a Suburban and work out at Aspen type of way." She also either is (or was) an English teacher at Casady. Bonus points.


14. Lisa Monahan
Reporter, KWTV News 9

Lisa Monahan made the list a few years ago when she anchored at Fox 25, but she left TV to start her own photography business. Then this happened, and now she's suddenly back on television as a reporter on Channel 9. This is good because Lisa is a cool girl, very attractive and likes to wear a bikini and jump around on the beach.


13. Maggie Stokes
Morning Anchor,  KOCO Channel 5

Hey, give the Devil some credit. Even though he's out to ruin Anita Blanton's career, at least he threw us a bone and replaced her with someone who's pretty cute...and who has a twin sister.


12. Lauren Craun
Morning Show Sidekick, 100.5 the Katt

Lauren's an attractive girl, but the fact the she's on the radio makes her hotter. It's kind of like how the one good-looking girl at a dive bar seems way hotter than she really is because she's at place surrounded by smoke, disease and old people. My friends and I call this the "Henry Hudson's Effect."


11. Bobbie Miller
Anchor and Reporter, KWTV News 9

Here's the fourth paragraph in a 2,400 word email I received from Clark Matthews a few days ago:

And on the topic of those hand-drawn sketches you found of Bobbie Miller stacked in a shoebox in my closet, if you do not put Bobbie-Boo in the top 12 of your indignant hot chicks countdown I'll bring back the Justice League of Oklahoma and combine it with Marisa's Okie Fan Fiction.

Yeah, that's a strong threat, but it didn't influence me. Bobbie Miller was going to make the top 12 anyway. She's so cute you could put her in a basket filled with puppies and she'd fit right-in. She's probably smells like cotton candy and her kisses turn into bubbles.


If you missed it, here's 20 - 16. We'll have the Top 10 next week!

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