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This painting of Rumble fighting biplanes atop the Devon Tower is cool

11:15 AM EDT on April 23, 2012

We kind of had a slow news weekend, so I thought I would share this painting that popped-up in the Ogle inbox on Saturday. The name of the piece is Rumble Kong. It's a collaboration between local artist Trent Lawson and Jane Jenkins, the president of Downtown Oklahoma City. It, along with some other "pro-am" collaborations, will be on display at the South Hudson gallery at this week's Festival of the Arts in downtown OKC.

Yeah, that's pretty damn cool. The only thing that could make it better is if Rumble had Joleen Chaney clutched in his hands or Larry Nichols was seen climbing the tower while holding a crossbow.

Anyway, couple of thoughts:

• I want to do this next year! The Festival of the Arts runs in my blood. I'm closely related to a well-known local artist who's very involved in the local arts community, and my uncle was the guy who created the famous strawberry crepes booth or something, therefore I'm a natural fit to be part of a pro-am. I'd like to collaborate with Greg Burns, Connie Seabourn or that weird old guy who makes masks. Being part of something like that would be cool. Make it happen pretentious Arts Council people.

• Trent Lawson is a pretty bad ass artist. I first became familiar with his work when I stumbled across a painting he made of the Gary England Drinking Game. He also made one of Chuck Norris facts. Here they are:

You know, that Gary England painting may be the best work of art ever produced. It should be surrounded by candles and displayed at the State Capitol or the NWS headquarters in Norman. The only thing it's missing is an obnoxious state map with a list of weather warnings in the upper right corner and cock abs.


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