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KSBI Channel 52 celebrated 4/20

6:00 AM EDT on April 23, 2012

In case you missed it — or got so damn high that you forgot about it — last Friday was 4/20. It's that very non-Hallmark holiday that celebrates the existence, consumption and well-being of marijuana.

For the most part, 4/20 and the "cannabis sub-culture" has been largely ignored by the local media. Kelly Ogle did mention in a "My 2-cents" that he was okay with the legalization of medicinal marijuana, but that went largely unnoticed because he communicated it to me only by blinking his eyes in Morse code at 3:00am on News Now 53. And I'm pretty sure Dino Lalli smoked marijuana, but that's only because he had a white guy mini-Afro and would always give positive reviews to Cheech and Chong movies.

Finally, though, a local media outlet has decided to give 4/20 its proper respect. On Friday, KSBI Channel 52 celebrated Pothead Day by inviting the reggae band The Broke Brothers to perform on the always-cheesy "It's All About You." They played a cover of the pot smoking classic "Pass the Dutchie." They even brought some brownies.

Here's video:

One easy way to tell if someone has never smoked pot is to just listen to them talk about marijuana. If they say something like "It is 4/20, the day where you can get your weed and smoke it, too," chances are they've never smoked weed in their lifetime.

Actually, I'm not going to make fun of the little guy that much. I can't believe he actually acknowledged such an evil, heinous crime like purchasing weed and smoking it. If he would have followed that statement with "And watch three hours of Family Guy and not feel bad about it," he probably would have been fired on the spot or forced to rub cream on the elongated forehead of KSBI sports director Mark Van Paasschen:

Anyway, I know that the programming (and ratings) for KSBI is about one notch-above public access cable, but it is kind of refreshing to see something new on TV. Plus, KSBI can be quite funny when you're stoned. At least that's what Clark Matthews told me.

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