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Friday Mailbag: Mitchell Traber Fallin I-35 Corridor

Welcome back to the Friday Mailbag. It's that thing where people email us questions and then we respond. Whoever sends us the best email each week as determined by our readers wins a $25 Gift Certificate to Kaiser's Bistro. The winning email from the last mailbag was sent by Austin:

I don’t alway read TLO, but, when I do, I run it through the GeoCities-izer first. It spits out something like this.

Who am I kidding — I read TLO almost daily.

Also, your contact form is broken.

Well, our IT guy still hasn't fixed the contact form, but Austin won a $25 Gift Certificate to Kaiser's. You can possibly win one too if you email us at The Lost Ogle at To this week's questions:

Travis writes:

Even though TLO gives him a lot of crap, I like Rick Mitchell. I watched him more than the other channels because I could actually understand the radar images.

Gotta say though, it looks like Rick is trying to pull a Mike Morgan. Check out his tie. It's very similiar, although not as sparkly, as the Bedazzled Weather Tie.

Here's the picture he's talking about:

That's a tacky attention-getting weather tie for sure, but it has nothing on Count Morgan's bedazzled jewel. That, by the way, is the new TLO nickname for Mike Morgan. We're calling him that because Mike Morgan kind of looks like a middle-aged suburban Dracula and should wear a cape. It will also confuse and scare out-of-town readers who stumble upon the site when googling their old high school classmate "Rick Mitchell."

Anyway, back to the email, it's good to see Rick Mitchell doing things to look a little less boring. If he was really catering to viewers, though, he'd wear something like this. Also, Rick's wife will need to start emailing us.


Max writes:

So this Edmond girl I work with talked me into going to Whole Foods for lunch, a place where a person from Norman like me doesn't fit in. Anyway while she shopped after we ate and got some random overpriced items, I opted to overpay for a juice drink. So I am in line and this girl comes up behind me and it is none other than Mary Fallin's ghostly looking daughter. She was on the phone bitching to someone about some job plan, and all she had in her cart was a 6 pack of water - you know the high priced water that comes in glass bottles, and some banana's. Also looked like she had a wedding ring on, she actually had a ring on every freaking finger, but she did have a diamond one on the correct finger. She looked at me and I quickly looked away as I was so afraid that her bright white skin would burn my corneas. I really wish I would have asked her if the pool was hot enough or something along those lines, but being the only minority in Whole Foods I figured I shouldn't harass the whitest of the white people there.

I have to disagree with you. I think Normanites fit-in pretty well at Whole Foods. Maybe that's what males the grocery chain so great. It can somehow target opposite ends of the white upper-middle class spectrum and get away with it. It's like the only place in the world where socialist hippies and Chamber of Commerce members can peacefully coexist.

As for the rest of your email, are your corneas okay?


Jeff writes:

As you're aware, Regular Jim Traber now has a Twitter account. He has been bragging about both the number of followers he had gotten along with the number of followers he has banned.

His alter ego Cardboard Jim Traber needs to be on Twitter as well. CJT could amass a larger following than RJT just for the sole purpose of pissing him off! And for a more practical reason, CJT could announce his location to his loyal throng of fans.

Yes, we are aware that Regular Jim Traber is on Twitter, but are you aware that Cardboard Jim has been on Twitter since 2009? I would say probably not since you emailed us the question.

Unfortunately, Cardboard Jim hasn't tweeted since 2010. This is because it's hard to regularly maintain and update a fake twitter account with fresh material, and because fake twitter accounts stopped being funny in 2010. I think the last one we created was the fake ODOT account. After going back and reading some of the tweets, it's actually pretty funny.

p.s. - Cardboard Jim has a Facebook fan page, too.


Melba asks:

How big is the ”I-35 corridor” ? This is one of Mike Morgan's sayings. Don't know if he has ever said where it begins/ends.

I Googled I-35 corridor, and it actually has it's own Wikipedia entry!

The I-35 Corridor, also known as the I-35 corridor, is a group of metropolitan areas in the southern Interior Plains region of the United States. The Texas cities contained within the I-35 Corridor are often referred to as a sub-megaregion of their own, often referred to as the Texaplex. It is part of a much larger megaregion called the Texas Triangle. It runs from Laredo, Texas in the south to Kansas City, Missouri in the north roughly along Interstate 35. It also includes the major American cities of Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth in Texas as well as Oklahoma City. San Antonio is the largest central city and the Dallas-Fort Worth Combined Statistical Area is the largest metropolitan area in the megalopolis.

I'm not sure if that's the same corridor Mike Morgan is talking about or not. I always just assumed it was the central part of the state that runs along I-35, with the edges being roughly El Reno to west and Shawnee to the east. Then again, I also thought Clark Matthews was just lying about the scabs on his back. They are real!


Dirty Old Man writes:

You need to get the Ogle moles to start combing Southmoore yearbooks for the teacher's aid that sent the nude pics to the three students. She is a soccer coach, so she may be hawt!

Uhm, get on it Ogle Moles. Get on it.


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