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Sweet Brown is getting the auto-tune remix treatment (videos)

11:14 AM EDT on April 12, 2012

On Monday, we posted the amazing video of Oklahoma City resident Sweet Brown. Here's what I wrote:

Oklahoma has had it’s fair share of viral video stars. Off the top off my head, we’ve had Mike Gundy tell us he’s a man and he’s 40, Elyse Downs make it snow and Greyson Chance become an overnight pop sensation after singing a Lady Gaga song. Hell, even the original Thriller wedding dance couple is from the Sooner state.

Now there’s another Oklahoman threatening to take YouTube by storm. Her name is Sweet Brown, and what started as just a typical morning in search of a cold pop turned into a large ordeal for the Oklahoma City woman.

Haha, called it! When I published the post above, the video had about 1,200 views. Now it's up to 900,000. That's a lot of views for YouTube video, but it pales in comparison to this one that I shot with my iPhone on the damn TV in my living room. Yes, 1.5-million people have now seen my TV and living room wall over the past 48 hours. I guess that totally justifies writing off the TV on my taxes

Anyway, enough about us and our obscure internet fame. I searched the web for some of the best Sweet Brown auto-tune remixes. Here were the better ones I could find:

Those were all fun, but the last one was the best.

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