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Ogle Madness V Final Four: (1) Kevin Durant vs. (3) Emily Sutton

And then there were four.

After rigorous online voting, snarky comments and name calling, it comes down to four remaining competitors for the Ogle Madness V crown. Here's the updated bracket:

Ogle Madness V Bracket

The first game of the day will feature:

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (3) Emily Sutton 

Will this be an upset? Kevin Durant is a basketball superstar and Emily Sutton is a beloved weather girl who is responsible for my DVR being full of random Channel 4 newscasts. Sure Durant once gave me some free shoes and said I was the coolest person he's ever met (not true) but I don't want to make out with him. Just saying.

Make sure to check back at 11:00am for the match-up between Good Russell Westbrook and Carrie Underwood. Either way, someone you don't know is going to beat someone you don't know which is like every time I see Brian Abrams out anywhere.

Now vote!

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (3) Emily Sutton

(1) Kevin Durant

Conference: Past Ogle Madness Winner

Who he is:  Forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Sneaker Pimp

Biggest Strength: Scores more in one game than you’ve scored your entire life.

Biggest Weakness: Thought this was a fine idea to be a part of.

Last Game: Defeated (7) Bobbie Miller 418-212


(3) Emily Sutton

Conference: Super Hot Weather Vixens

Who She Is: KFOR Weather Girl

Biggest Strength: Avoiding Bob Barry Jr.’s dressing room “Parties” 

Biggest Weakness: Not my wife

Last Game: Defeated (1) Joleen Chaney 630-370


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