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Ogle Madness V: Elite 8, West Region

And you thought picking your favorite hot media personality was difficult. Here's the final Elite 8 match-up.

(1) Kristin Chenoweth vs. (2) Carrie Underwood 

I refer to this as the battle of unattainable yet extraordinarily talented blondes. If broadcast legend Brent Skarky had his druthers Carrie Underwood would win at everything always. Especially if there was a "Win a Night With Skarky" contest. There will never be such a thing so we're safe.

(1) Kristin Chenoweth vs. (2) Carrie Underwood 

(1) Kristen Chenoweth

Conference: Tiny Entertainment Creatures

Who She Is: Actress/Famous Thunder Fan

Biggest Strengths: Singing/Acting/Dancing

Biggest Weakness: Her show GCB on ABC is NTG (Not That Good)

Last Game: Defeated (4) Bob Stoops 334-260


(2) Carrie Underwood

Conference: Women Who Won’t Give Me The Time Of Day

Who She Is: Country Singer

Biggest Strengths: Her enormous lung capacity.

Biggest Weakness: Brent Skarky won’t stop writing her.

Last Game: Defeated (3) The Ogle Brothers 407-182


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