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Ogle Madness V: Elite 8, Southeast Region

Drew and Kaci Too

That's a picture of Drew & Kaci Too. I like to listen to them in the afternoons during their Banal Minutae Afternoon Drive Show. They're like Jack & Ron only REALLY funny. Don't believe me? Pour yourself a bottle of scotch and take a drink every time Drew laughs. I promise it's once every 45 seconds. Your liver will explode within an hour. I'm not kidding.

That has nothing to do with anything. We just figured since most everyone over there hates us anyway, let's make it unanimous.

So who's up today?

(1) Gary England vs. (3) Good Russell Westbrook

A weather god and a basketball god step into the arena. Only one will leave. Well, I guess they'll both leave, but Russ will probably be in a nicer car with way more "talent" in it.


(1) Gary England vs. (3) Good Russell Westbrook 

(1) Gary England

Conference: People Who Might Be Or Probably Are God

Who He Is: KWTV 9 Weather Legend

Biggest Strengths: Has managed to protect all in harm’s way by way of Val, the Gentner and divine intervention

Biggest Weakness: N/A

Last Game: Defeated (5) Lauren Nelson 299-275


(3) Good Russell Westbrook

Conference: OKC Thunder Players 

Who He Is: Guard for the OKC Thunder 

Biggest Strengths: Athletic ability 

Biggest Weakness: Passing to the team’s best player.

Last Game: Defeated (11) Devon Tower 338-235


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