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Ogle Madness V: West Region, Sweet Sixteen

You know what's funnier than those two? If you guessed everything, you're right. You know what's not funny? Well, yeah, those two, but I'm talking about the smackdown that lay before you!

(1) Kristen Chenoweth vs. (4) Bob Stoops
(2) Carrie Underwood vs. (3) The Ogle Brothers  

So grab your Butt Mug and vote! Wait. If you own of those you can't read. What was I thinking?

(1) Kristen Chenoweth vs. (4) Bob Stoops

(1) Kristen Chenoweth

Conference: Tiny Entertainment Creatures

Who She Is: Actress/Famous Thunder Fan

Biggest Strengths: Singing/Acting/Dancing

Biggest Weakness: Her show GCB on ABC is NTG (Not That Good)

Last Game: Defeated Clark Matthew's Era 581-105


(4) Bob Stoops

Conference: OU Head Coaches Non-Sorority Girl Category

Who He Is: Head coach for the Oklahoma Sooners.

Biggest Strength: Coaching winning season after winning season.

Biggest Weakness: Not sure if he’s a man because he hasn’t shouted at Jenni Carlson.

Last Game: Defeated Mike Morgan 431-256



(3) The Ogle Brothers vs. (2) Carrie Underwood

(3) The Ogle Brothers

Conference: Enormous Siblings

Who They Are: Legendary local broadcasters/ giants.

Biggest Strengths: When it comes to local news, they run this bitch.

Biggest Weakness: Can’t get them all on one amazing network.

Last Game: Defeated Rick Mitchell 353-328


(2) Carrie Underwood

Conference: Women Who Won’t Give Me The Time Of Day

Who She Is: Country Singer

Biggest Strengths: Her enormous lung capacity.

Biggest Weakness: Brent Skarky won’t stop writing her.

Last Game: Defeated David Payne 484-204


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