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Ogle Madness V: Southeast Region, Sweet Sixteen

Oklahoma native Chuck Norris isn't included in the bracket because (insert lame ass Chuck Norris joke here). Who is included? These people.

(1) Gary England vs. (5) Lauren Nelson
(3) Good Russell Westbrook vs. (11) Devon Tower 

Vote after the jump and don't clog the comments section with your own Chuck Norris jokes. Enough. Seriously. I've had it.

(1) Gary England vs. (5) Lauren Nelson

(1) Gary England

Conference: People Who Might Be Or Probably Are God

Who He Is: KWTV 9 Weather Legend

Biggest Strengths: Has managed to protect all in harm’s way by way of Val, the Gentner and divine intervention

Biggest Weakness: N/A

Last Game: Defeated The Oklahoma Earthquake 367-286


(5) Lauren Nelson

Conference: Former Miss Americas Doing Local News

Who She Is: Former Miss America and KWTV 9 reporter.

Biggest Strengths: Her hard hitting investigative journalism. Nah. Her looks!

Biggest Weaknesses: Her newscast is not the greatest.

Last Game: Defeated Blake Griffin 343-313



(3) Good Russell Westbrook vs. (11) Devon Tower

(3) Good Russell Westbrook

Conference: OKC Thunder Players 

Who He Is: Guard for the OKC Thunder 

Biggest Strengths: Athletic ability 

Biggest Weakness: Passing to the team’s best player.

Last Game: Naked Woodward Golf Chick 339-313


(11) Devon Tower

Conference: Huge Ass Towers

What It Is: A huge ass tower. 

Biggest Strengths: Is a huge ass tower.

Biggest Weakness: Looks like the world’s largest beard trimmer.

Last Game: Beat BJ Wexler 332-321


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