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Ogle Madness V: Northeast Region, Second Round

Well, week one of Ogle Madness is complete. Here's the updated bracket so you can see who advanced:

Ogle Madness Bracket

Here are a few notes from the tournament so far:

• Unlike the NCAA tournament, we haven't had a ton of upsets. The lowest seed remaining is 14-seed BJ Wexler. He upset Governor Fallin in the first round, but that's really not too big of an upset. The other double-digit seeds still remaining in the tournament are the Devon Tower (11), Wes Welker (11) and the Naked Woodward Golf Tournament Chick (10)

•  The closest match-up was between the Clark Matthews Era and Greyson Chance. Clark won by a count of 269 - 254. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Emily Sutton and Joleen Chaney slaughtered their opponents. Emily beat State Senator Ralph Shortey 622 - 34, whereas Joleen Chaney defeated the Diffee Kids 531 - 39.

• Just about everyone who entered our contest is still eligible for the $250 feast to Deep Fork Grill. Except for that guy who picked Mike Morgan's Red Bedazzled Severe Weather Tie. Once again, we'd like to thank Deep Fork Grill for offering the feast.

Anyway, here are today's match-ups from the Northeast Region. Voting ends in 24 hours.

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (8) Mayor Mick Cornett
(4) Jaime Cerreta vs. (5) Jessica Schambach

(3) Bibi Jones vs. (11) Wes Welker
(2) Mike Gundy vs. (7) Bobbie Miller

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (16) (8) Mayor Mick Cornett

(1) Kevin Durant

Conference: Past Ogle Madness Winner

Who he is:  Forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Sneaker Pimp

Biggest Strength: Scores more in one game than you’ve scored your entire life.

Biggest Weakness: Thought this was a fine idea to be a part of.

Last Game: Defeated Mike Morgan's Red Bedazzled Sever Weather Tie 377 - 131


(8) Mayor Mick Cornett

Conference: Our Favorite Mayors Not Named McCheese

Who he is: Mayor of Oklahoma City, best city in the country.

Biggest Strength: MAPS, Thunder, Trivia buff

Biggest Weakness: Can’t be mayor forever.

Last Game: Defeated Cardboard Jim Traber 262 - 242



(4) Jaime Cerreta vs. (5) Jessica Schambach


(4) Jaime Cerreta

Conference: Super attractive women who have to put up with Andrew Speno

Who She Is: FOX 25 Reporter

Biggest Strength: Her Cerretas

Biggest Weakness: Not being Lauren Richardson

Last Game: Defeated Sally Kern 459 -43


(5) Jessica Schambach

Conference: Local News Vixens

Who She Is: KOCO Reporter

Biggest Strengths: Her Schambachs.

Biggest Weaknesses: She’s not in 3D and won’t return calls or letters.

Last Game: Defeated Landry Jones 384 - 119



(3) Bibi Jones vs.  (11) Wes Welker


(3) Bibi Jones

Conference: Oklahoma Born Adult “Film” Stars

Who She Is: Porn star

Biggest Strength: Here gigantic breasts and body

Biggest Weakness: The amount of people who have done things to her gigantic breasts and body

Last Game: Defeated the Video Vigilante 568 - 124


(11) Wes Welker

Conference: OKC Born NFL Players

Who He Is: Wide Receiver for the New England Patriots

Biggest Strengths: Is engaged to her.

Biggest Weakness: Catching game clinching Super Bowl passes

Last Game: Defeated Brandon Weeden 396 - 320



(2) Mike Gundy vs. (7) Bobbie Miller


(2) Mike Gundy

Conference: Men Who Yell At Jenni Carlson

Who He Is: Oklahoma State football coach

Biggest Strength: Getting OSU further than they’ve been in way too long

Biggest Weakness: Not yelling at Jenni Carlson more

Last Game: Defeated Tulsa Tower Man: 377 - 352


(7) Bobbie Miller

Conference: Super Cute News Vixens

Who she is: Reporter on Channel 9

Biggest Strengths: Her friendship with Joleen Chaney

Biggest Weakness: No more awesome news room pictures with Joleen Chaney.

Last Game: Defeated Mark Rodgers 559 - 155


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