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Friday Mailbag: March Sadness Dreamboat Vinegar Blen

Each Friday we answer some questions that have popped-up in the Ogle in-box. We then let you vote for your favorite. The person who sends us the email that the most votes wins a $25 Gift Certificate to Kaiser's Bistro. Last week's winning email was sent to us by Mike Morgan's Severe Weather Tie. Seriously.

Anyway, here are this week's five emails. If you ever have a question you need answered (or have an interesting, bizarre or weird thought) email them to us. Remember, you can possibly win a $25 Gift Certificate to Kaiser's Bistro if yours is.

Duke fr Newall-eans writes:

Dear The Lost Ogle,Who is the worser of Ambassadors for the State of Oklahoma?

Don "Katt Daddy" Brewer from Mud Cats

Adult Arcade Guy

Crimes Against Nature (animals) Guy from Davis, or

Vacationing in Durty Sex Trade Countries Guy (Al Esch)?


Duke fr Newall-eans

Considering that Don "Katt Daddy" Brewer appears on national television each week on the show Mudcats, I'd probably vote for him. Then again, I've never seen Mudcats, I've just read Clark Matthews' thoughts about it in his weekly newsletter. So basically, I'm pulling a Bob Barry Jr. and providing commentary and opinion on something I know nothing about. Kind of feels good.


Robert writes:

Did you see Berry Tramel's creepy blog post about Travis Haney's departure?  He gave him the nickname Dreamboat. If you think that's weird, he also nicknamed Gina Mizell "Vinegar Blend." Is it really appropriate to call your co-workers Dreamboat and Vinegar Blend? And what do you think they call him.

I'm not sure what Berry Tramel's nickname is at the Dark Tower, but I would guess it's either "out of touch guy," "Boren's bitch" or "Fantastic Sam." Regardless, none of them are as good or fitting as "Boomer."

And yes, those are very inappropriate nicknames. Imagine how awkward it must have been for Travis Haney to get on the elevator and hear a coworker with marbles in his mouth yell "Hold the door, Dreamboat!" And I have no clue where Berry was going with Vinegar Blend. I know Spencer uses vinegar as a douche, so maybe it has something to do with that.

Anyway, Travis was a frequent visitor to the team trivia night we host at the Speakeasy on Tuesday's and we wish him all the best at ESPN. That being said, isn't everyone being a bit melodramatic over his departure? The guy's been here for six months. That's barely enough time to write an anti-twitter column, learn that Bob Stoops is arrogant and get a girlfriend via social media. Based on his farewell column...and farewell blog post...and Tramel's farewell would think the guy was born in a mound red dirt while eating a chicken fried steak and gravy.


Dear Wise One:

i monitor aaron tuttle's facebook page for true, unvarnished weather forecasts and have come to rely on those as the only source for same. as do some 1,800+ other folks, i might add.

today he posted this:

I hate to do this to you guys, but I'm going to have to take a break from updating this page. I appreciate the fact that you take a little bit of time out of your day to follow my weather updates. I do it because I enjoy it and I like to help people. However, there is something going on in my personal life that requires my complete undivided attention. I'm either all in or all out. There is no gray area and no room for error. For those of you that pray, please pray for me that God will work a miracle in my life. Pray for His Wisdom, His Mercy, His Grace and most importantly, that His Peace and Love will fall over me. Thank you. -Aaron

i hope you can contact him and let him know we're there for him, sounds like he won't be seeing any replies. hope it isn't his health!!!

For the people at home, Aaron Tuttle is a former weatherman for KOCO Channel 5. Since that is out-of-the-way, here's my answer:

Why the hell are you checking the Facebook status of an ex-TV weatherman for your 7-day forecast!?! 90% of being a weatherman is reading what the computer tells you. The other 10% is either making shit up, chasing storms or selling Amway.

On that note, we hope everything is okay with Mr. Tuttle. He's kind of crazed religious libertarian, so it's hard to determine if his Facebook posts are about personal problems or his unabashed support of the gold standard and repealing the 14th amendment.


This guy is the mack daddy of all mack daddies! He is hitting on Liz and Deeda! BRAZEN!

Let's give KOKH news director Joe Spadea a little break. For one, it's not like he turned into a rogue Twitter creeper like Bob Barry Jr. He's just inviting the attractive female employees he supervises to meet him in front of the fireplace at Rococo. It's not like they work in the KOKH HR department or anything.

Also, if I was Liz Dueweke and/or Deeda Payton's boss, I'd invite them to hang out with me every damn weekend. The only difference is I'd choose White Water or Lake Arcadia or any place the encourages bikinis.


Nick writes:

Has college basketball ever been this sad in the state of Oklahoma? The only school to make the post season is Oral Roberts. ORAL ROBERTS!!!!!!!

I'm not sure. You'd at least have to go back to the 1970s, and even then it would be pushing it. All I know is that during the Clark Matthews era, this is the worst college basketball has ever been in the Sooner state. Just seeing the color orange makes Eddie Sutton want to drink a bottle of Jim Beam. The OU program is so pathetic it makes Kelvin Sampson roll-over in his unused cell phone minutes.


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