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This state rep wants to “fix stupid” pro-choice people

Earlier this week, the State House of Representatives defeated HB 2808. The bill, which was introduced by State Rep Sean Roberts (R) of Hominy, was designed to make it more difficult for meth cooks and “smurfs” to acquire pseudoephedrine and other key meth ingredients. This would have been accomplished by requiring your pharmacist to make a “professional determination” on how you’re going to use drugs like Claritin-D or Sudafed.

The bill doesn’t seem like too bad of an idea, but it had some major flaws. It would have increased the size and scope of the government, added another layer of inconvenience to law-abiding citizens like you and me who just need treatment for allergies, and worst of all, would have led to a bunch of socioeconomic profiling and stereotyping by pharmacists.

Anyway, while debating the bill on Tuesday, Representative Roberts took to the floor for some closing remarks. He then pulled out his trump card: pro-life abortion analogies.

Here’s a video:

Yep, while debating a bill about keeping pseudoephedrine out of the hands of meth heads, Roberts found a way to call pro-choice advocates stupid. That’s nice. According to a, nearly 49% of Americans are pro-choice, whereas 47% are anti-choice. Maybe he’s focusing on the wrong stupid.

Anyway, I get it. The crazies at the capitol are insanely pro-life and everything, but don’t they see this is getting over the top. It’s like abortion is the only thing they think about.

“Today we’re going to debate educational funding...”

“Life begins at conception!  Fertilized eggs are people.”

“What does that have to do with…”

“Transvaginal Ultra Sounds!!!  Planned Parenthood is evil!!!

“Let’s just go to lunch…”

“No, we can’t. The food has aborted fetuses in it.”

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