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Ogle Madness V: First Round, West Region (Lower Bracket)

This is the final bracket of the first round. Patrick said after voting ends he’ll meet everyone at Speakeasy and buy their drinks. By “everyone” I mean “no one." He also says that have a very similar appearance (and career arch) of Ranger Rodger.

Today's afternoon match-up are between:

(6) Rick Mitchell vs. (11) Regular Jim Traber
(3) The Ogle Brothers vs. (14) Toby Keith
(7) David Payne vs. (10) Boomer Tramel
(2) Carrie Underwood vs. (15) Nat Eastham

Here we go.

(6) Rick Mitchell vs. (11) Regular Jim Traber

(6) Rick Mitchell

Conference: Melancholy and the Infinite Meteorologists

Who He Is:  KOCO Chief Meteorologist

Biggest Strengths: Said it would.

Biggest Weakness: It didn’t.


(11) Regular Jim Traber

Conference: Short Fused Blowhards

Who He Is: The Sports Animal’s Resident Shouter

Biggest Strength: Gets paid to be a temperamental asshole.

Biggest Weakness: His cardboard twin is more personable and way less misogynistic.



(3)   The Ogle Brothers vs. (14) Toby Keith

(3)   The Ogle Brothers

Conference: Enormous Siblings

Who They Are: Legendary local broadcasters/ giants.

Biggest Strengths: When it comes to local news, they run this bitch.

Biggest Weakness: Can’t get them all on one amazing network.


(14) Toby Keith

Conference: Legendary Douchebags

Who He Is: Country “Singer”

Biggest Strength: People seem to like his horrible music.

Biggest Weakness: Will pull a gun on you if you ask for an autograph.



(7) David Payne vs. (10) Boomer Tramel 

(7) David Payne

Conference: People Who Get To Work With Emily Sutton

Who He Is: KFOR Meteorologist

Biggest Strength: Is Westbrook to Morgan’s Durant.

Biggest Weakness: Tries to get me to not watch the Today Show.


(10) Boomer Tramel

 Conference: People Who Probably Want To Shout At Jenni Carlson

Who He Is: Sports columnist for The Oklahoman

Biggest Strength: Acts awake when clearly he’s been asleep since 2003.

Biggest Weakness: Unaware hair products are a thing.



(3) Carrie Underwood vs.  (15) Nat Eastham 

(3) Carrie Underwood

Conference: Women Who Won’t Give Me The Time Of Day

Who She Is: Country Singer

Biggest Strengths: Her enormous lung capacity.

Biggest Weakness: Brent Skarky won’t stop writing her.


(15) Nat Eastman

Conference: The Not Bob Dylans

Who He Is: That guy who writes songs about Joleen Chaney

Biggest Strength: Writing incredibly charming, creepy and surprisingly catchy songs about Joleen Chaney

Biggest Weakness: Restraining orders.


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