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Ogle Madness V: First Round, Southeast Region (Upper Bracket)

Happy Hump Day! Best midweek treat since LOST was a thing. So who's up for the battle today?

(1) Gary England vs (16) Milk on Milk
(8) Oklahoma Earthquake vs. (9) Al Eschbach
(4) Blake Griffin vs. (13) OKC Chamber Commercial Singers
(5) Lauren Nelson vs. (12) Aubrey McClendon 

Remember, you've got 24 hours to vote. We'll post the lower bracket at noon today. In case  you care, here's the Ogle Madness bracket.

Let's get Ogle Madnessing!

(1) Gary England vs (16) Milk on Milk 

(1) Gary England

Conference: People Who Might Be Or Probably Are God

Who He Is: KWTV 9 Weather Legend

Biggest Strengths: Has managed to protect all in harm's way by way of Val, the Gentner and divine intervention

Biggest Weakness: N/A


(16) Milk on Milk

Conference: Lousy Bands With Lousy Names

Who They Are: Some entitled kid's idea of art.

Biggest Strengths: Are not Color Me Badd

Biggest Weakness: Proof money doesn't equal quality



(8)  Oklahoma Earthquake vs. (9) Al Eschbach

(8) Oklahoma Earthquake

Conference: Reasons People Fear Oklahoma

What It Is: A fucking earthquake.

Biggest Strength: 5.6

Biggest Weakness: Shattered my Star Trek plate collection.


(9) Al Eschbach

Conference: Least Assuming Sports Authorities

Who He Is: Sports Animal Radio Host

Biggest Strengths: Putting up with Traber

Biggest Weaknesses: Lending his name to restaurants



(4) Blake Griffin vs. (13) OKC Chamber Commercial Singers 

(4) Blake Griffin

Conference:  NBA Bad Asses With Oklahoma Ties

Who He Is: L.A. Clippers Power Forward

Biggest Strengths: Kia Leaper

Biggest Weakness: Isn't wearing a Thunder jersey.


(13) OKC Chamber Commercial Singers

Conference: Paid Singers? Really?

Who They Are: People who sing about where our city is going.

Biggest Strengths: Rhymed "yet" with "it" unnoticed.

Biggest Weakness: Makes me almost like Tulsa.



(5) Lauren Nelson vs. (12) Aubrey McClendon 

Conference: Former Miss Americas Doing Local News

Who She Is: Former Miss America and KWTV 9 reporter.

Biggest Strengths: Her hard hitting investigative journalism. Nah. Her looks!

Biggest Weaknesses: Her newscast is not the greatest.


 (12) Aubrey McClendon 

Conference: Frackin' MoFos

Who He Is:  CEO of Chesapeake

Biggest Strength: Employing some of the best people on the planet to work at the best company in the world.

Biggest Weakness: Paying me off to say nice things about him.


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