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Friday Mailbag: Kate Upton Bedazzled Weather Tie Edition

Welcome to the mailbag. Last week's winning email was submitted by Jordan. Here it is:

Tonight I noticed on Twitter that Linda Cavenaugh posted on Twitter that KFOR had the number one rated NBC affiliate in the country at 10:00. Well I know News 9 isn’t the top CBS affiliate in the country. So in a way this is KFOR’s way of telling KWTV to suck it. I mean with KWTV trying to steal KFOR’s mojo by signing Jim Gardner and Bobbi Miller from KFOR and screwing over the longtime employees then going out and paying for a story in order to keep KFOR away so they could have the exclusive and they are still looking up. So I think this was Linda’s way of telling Channel 9 we’re better than you and we know it and they’re is nothing you can do about it. Plus Bobbi Miller is prego again, so now they’ll be loosing one of their new additions and its like KFOR is rubbing salt in the wound. So with that being said am I crazy to think that if this keeps up KWTV will go desperation mode and go all out and try and get Emily Sutton with not only a promotion but a sparkly severe weather dress and her own drinking game to come over and be Gary’s replacement as Chief to try to steal KFOR’s creepy viewers so they might be able to defeat KFOR once and for all?

For sending that email and getting the most votes, Jordan wins a $25 Gift Certificate to Kaiser's American Bistro! When he goes there he can drink a spiked milkshake. In case you care, a spiked milkshake contains alcohol. Take that, Braum's.

Anyway, there's any extremely hot theme to this week's mailbag. Read the questions and vote for your favorite after the jump:

Mr. Jones writes:

Is Kate Upton is the hottest woman to ever visit Oklahoma City while in her prime?  I can't think of anyone else. Please use your vast knowledge of Oklahoma City history to answer this question. 

Unfortunately, my vast "vast knowledge" of Oklahoma City history starts in 1984. After that I have average knowledge. To help answer your question, I emailed the true Oklahoma City historian Steve Lackmeyer. This was his response:

"Hobbies Hoagies!!!"

Yeah, maybe Steve Lackmeyer isn't the best person to email about hot chicks. I'll just use my own judgment here. Unless Raquel Welch filmed scenes from "One Million Years, B.C." at Martin Nature Park or some of Kathy Ireland's 1989 SI Swimsuit pictorial was shot at Lake Hefner, I'd say Kate Upton may be the hottest woman to ever step foot in Oklahoma City. The only one who could rival her would be Jessica Alba when she was plastering white shark posters across downtown, but Alba already had kids by then. Kids equals past prime.


Andrew asks:

Did you catch Kelly Crull's interview of Kate Upton during the Thunder game. It was like a rock interviewing a stone.

I did. And that's a pretty good analogy. The only thing I would add is the the rock would be covered with paint and make-up and the stone would be smoldering hot.

On that note, I don't expect Kelly Crull to be like Barbara Walter's when interviewing random celebrities who are catching a Thunder game, but can she stop with the whole "What do you think about the NBA in OKC" or "How do you like the atmosphere of the arena?" Those were great questions in 2005. The NBA's been in this city for six years now. Let's stop asking people what they think about it. Move on to other easy softball answers like "Who's you favorite player," "What do you like about the team," or "Will you please pose topless?"


Travis writes:

I am 99% sure the kid who took my order at the CityBites on Classen near 23rd is the gay kid from the Troopers vs OccupyOKC video you posted.

Apparently he got a job.

Yeah, that dude seemed like the type of person who would make Snickerdoodle cookies at City Bites. If it's him, I think the Sooner Tea Party should stage a protest there or something. Or at least have the ridiculously hot Lt. Kera Philippi stage a OHP rally.


Anthony says:

Do you think the weathermen enjoy severe weather a little too much? Would you like it if a tornado was headed towards your house and the guy delivering the news was wearing a gimmicky tie to celebrate the sever storms?

Thanks for the email, Anthony. I think the next email will answer your question.


Mike Morgan's Severe Weather Tie writes:

I sneaked off the rack today to write you because I had a phone call about being on the Lost Ogle. Delighted to see I am in the March Maddness competion this year....but, I have to say am disappointed as to the photo you used to represent my sparklyness. A screen capture off of TV with what, a flip phone?

Here, let me help you out, because this is serious stuff....and once I brush off Val's gentner (which is 1990's technology, BTW), I need the clarity of sparkle to continue the competion!

Here are a few from one of my many Facebook pages.....and it's a wonderful opportunity to point out I do very much enjoy some of the finer things in life hanging out with women's hot accesories! It's just not about mesocyclones all the time!

Stay cool LostOgle,

Mike's Severe Weather Tie

Yeah, we are now getting emails from bedazzled weather ties. I think it's about time for us to quit.


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