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Here’s your Ogle Madness V Bracket!!!

I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said "in the world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes." If the old perv was alive today he'd probably add Ogle Madness to the list. Here is this year's Ogle Madness bracket:

Ogle Madness V Bracket

For those new to the game, Ogle Madness is our annual Oklahoma Celebrity tournament. In it, we take 68 Oklahoma people, places and things and place them in a NCAA tournament style bracket. We then post the match-ups on the site and let you, our loyal Ogle reader, chose who you would like to advance. The person (or thing) who gets the most votes advances to the next round. The loser goes home. Here's a list of previous Ogle Madness Champions:

Ogle Madness IV: Kevin Durant
Ogle Madness III: Kevin Durant
Ogle Madness II: Kristin Chenoweth
Ogle Madness I: Lauren Richardson

So who will win this year's tournament?  Good question, but if you think you know, send us your pick to win by 11:59pm Sunday. We'll take all the correct entries and enter them into a drawing for a $250 feast at Deep Fork Grill. Simple, huh?

Anyway, Ogle Madness actually tips-off tomorrow with our "First Four" play-in games. The match-ups are:

Game 1: Mike Morgan's Bedazzled Weather Tie vs. Val's Gentner
Game 2: Diffee Kids vs Express Credit Auto Guy
Game 3: Wedding Couple vs. OKC Chamber Commercial Singers
Game 4: Toby Keith vs. Jack McBride

Here are some other news and notes from Ogle Madness V:

• By far, the most "stacked" region is the Midwest. Just look at its top 4 seeds:

1. Joleen Chaney
2. Olivia Munn
3. Emily Sutton
4. Wayne Coyne

I wonder if Wayne Coyne realizes that he has no chance of winning that region.

• I think the weakest region is the Southeast. I'd say Good Russell Westbrook is the heavy favorite to come out unscathed, but watch out for Gary England. He's always struggled in Ogle Madness, but I bet he has a bolt of lightning or two up his sleeve this year.

• Liz Dueweke and Sam Bradford, two high seeds from last year's tournament, didn't make the cut. Liz Dueweke is hot but really boring, and Sam Bradford helped prove that the sophomore slump is very very real.

• This is the first year that Clark Matthews and I didn't make the field. We just thought it was kind of arrogant and narcissistic to include ourselves. We were replaced by my dog Rowdy and the period of time known as the Clark Matthews Era.

• The low seed to watch this year is BJ Wexler. He's a 14-seed but has a very winnable match-up against Mary Fallin. If he can win that, he will then go up against Matt Kemp or the Devon Tower.

Anyway, the Madness gets started in full nest week, so don't forget to stop by each day and vote.  And send your pick to win it all to Good luck.

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