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Friday Mailbag: Big Daddy Drinking Game Squatters

Welcome back to the Friday Mailbag!  Last week's winning email was sent to us by Bobby. His email received 202 votes. He asked:

So I’m watching Channel 4 the other day, and I’m pretty sure Emily Sutton got a boob job. Not to be weird or anything, but do you all know anything about this?

Okay, that sounded weird, but I’d still like to know.

For sending us that email, Bobby wins a $25 Gift Certificate to Kaiser's Bistro!  When he goes there, he should try out the Juicy Lucy burger and mac and cheese. He'll be happy with the result.

Anyway, here are this week's questions. Read them and vote for your favorite after the jump. Once again, the top vote-getter will win a $25 gift card to Kaiser's Bistro.

Nathan writes:

I don't know if you guys listen to The Ultimate every day just to get good fodder for your posts, but in case you weren't listening Monday:

Traber was asked what his grandpa name was going to be and he matter-of-factly replied "Big Daddy". And he said it in a tense that made it sound like everyone already calls him that.

Didn't know if you had heard how inflated his ego had gotten.

Have a happy JoJo day!!!

The name "Big Daddy" doesn't have anything to do with Traber's ego. It has everything to do with his waistline. Have you seen Jim Traber? The guy's huge. He makes the old fat Bob Barry Jr. look like Al Eschbach.

I think what's disturbing is that Jim Traber allegedly wants his grandkids to call him"Big Daddy." Seriously, how creepy is that? Can you imagine overhearing some large guy at the McDonald's Playland telling his grandchild to come set in "Big Daddy's" lap? It makes my stomach queasy just thinking about it. That sounds like something you'd hear in Happy Valley.


Judge Radar writes:

Dear Patrick and Clark,

I believe OKC needs a drinking game featuring the musings and calls of the OKC Thunder TV play-by-play guy Brian Davis.

You folks are the best at this. Can you assist?


Judge Radar

I think a better one would be the Brian Davis "Russian Roulette" Drinking Game. At least then you wouldn't have to suffer. And whenever you pull the trigger and the gun doesn't shoot, you can say "missed it by a stick man."


Government Mule writes:

Where's your snarky story about former Senator Mike Morgan? I dare ya.

If we wrote a "snarky" story about every corrupt Oklahoma politician, we wouldn't have time to write about more pleasant and enjoyable topics like Joleen Chaney and making fun of "Single in the City" participants.

Also, this story would be a lot more interesting if Morgan was still in office, or he was the former MLB'er or bedazzled severe weather tie wearing Mike Morgan.


Duke asks:

The Lost Ogle,

Who'd win a Loser's Restraunt Leaves Town Match between Dean'O & Rosser vs The Humper & Mackie McNear? It'd have to be steel cage format, no DQ, 30 min time limit or television time remaining.

I'd have to go with the Humper and McNear. I'm pretty sure Dean Blevins is now made of glue and toothpicks and cotton swabs, so he wouldn't even win a fight against Paul Folger. Plus, do you remember the way Mackie McNear would say "Flat Iron" in that old Sports Animal commercials? It was disturbing. It was like he was wary and afraid of flat-iron steaks. Beware men who are wary and afraid of flat-iron steaks.


Archy wants to know:

Dear Lost Ogle,

I read this article about a crazy religious schitzo mountain man terrorizing rich people's cabins. He Basically eat's all their food, shits on their floor, breaks open their gunsafes and drink's their alcohol for months, and then bounces. And then I wondered, this sounds like some wack job from oklahoma. And potentially, this could happen here. Besides the NOK Hornets, are there any famous squatter's that have plagued the state?


I read that article, too! I don't think the guy's from Oklahoma. If he was, the authorities would have been able to track the rascal scooter tracks and bottles of ranch dressing he would have left behind.

And I would say the Hornets are by far the best squatters we ever had. In hindsight, I guess we came out pretty good with that Hurricane Katrina thing. It's probably one of the few times in history where Oklahoma came away looking better than Texas. We got the basketball team. They got the refugees. Advantage Oklahoma.


Anyway, vote for you favorite email. The winner will receive a $25 Gift Card to Kaiser's Bistro.

Also, if you have any questions, comments of concerns you'd like to see in the mailbag, send them to TheLostOgle @ gmail dot com.


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