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Wayne Pettigrew is dreamy and intense

There is a crowded field of Republicans vying for the 2nd US Congressional District seat that's being vacated by Dan Boren. One of them is former State Rep Wayne Pettigrew. Here's a picture of him:

As you can probably tell from looking at that picture, Wayne is your typical Oklahoma Republican. He worships Ronald Reagan, thinks government spending is out of control, and wants freedom and liberty for everyone...just as long as that freedom and liberty conforms to his overly moralistic, conservative and very white Judeo-Christian values.

In addition to that stuff (and bad haircuts), Pettigrew likes to stoically gaze off into the brilliance of beautiful Oklahoma sunsets. Or at least that's the impression that he gives off in this photo located on the front page of his website:

I'm not an astronomer or anything, but someone should probably tell Mr. Pettigrew that gazing deep into the sunset is not very good for your eyes. They should also tell him that Jack Handy wants his background back.

How can anyone take this guys seriously with something like that on his website? I got the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" stuck in my head just from looking at that thing. Even God thinks it's overly dramatic and cheesy. The only public office he should be running for is the mayor of bad decisions.

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