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Here’s another reason why we don’t like the 1%…

Yesterday, I stumbled across this pointless story on It was written by Heather "Which PR firm is she writing for this week" Warlick. Her confusing, probably written by an intern at a PR firm story (and the accompanying video) lets you know why:

If I had to summarize this thing with one word, it would be:


Seriously, I don't want to pick on spoiled little rich kids — they can't help it that their parents are wealthy — but is this really necessary? We get it. You have money, natural gas royalties, and fancy houses with spiral staircases. That doesn't mean you should film pretentious, over-the-top wedding proposals and then showcase them in our state newspaper. Keep that crap in the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club newsletter where it belongs.

p.s. - Is this the same music they play in every commercial shown during a Thunder game? Just curious.

Update: As many "kind" readers have pointed out, the couple is apparently not rich. They are just douche bags acting that way. I promise to do better research the next time I spend five minutes writing a blog post while intoxicated at 3:00am.

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