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Channel 4 is going to air a graphic aborted fetus ad during the Super Bowl Pre-Game Show

1:39 PM EST on February 2, 2012

Cat herdersTalking dolphinsThe Force. Those are some of my favorite Super Bowl commercials. They are funny, creative and, well, funny.

Unfortunately, a Super Bowl commercial that's going to air in Oklahoma City, Ada and few other cities across the country is not so funny. It's about everyone's favorite topic: aborted fetuses.

From Slate:

Randall Terry, a conservative anti-abortion activist trying to be Obama's antagonist in the Democratic primaries by running against him, might actually get some airtime for his graphic "campaign" ads during the Super Bowl this Sunday on affiliate stations in over a dozen markets.

Terry plans to air graphic anti-abortion spots—tweaked to qualify as campaign ads for his run for the nomination—via a loophole in the FCC's Communications Act, which bars stations from censoring political commercials from federal candidates during the 45 days before a primary election in that state. Since announcing his campaign about a year ago, Terry's goal has been to raise money to air graphic ads in primary states using the loophole, with a high-profile ad blitz during the Super Bowl.

According to CNN, as of last week Terry had purchased ad time in 13 markets. Eight markets (including Oklahoma City) will air his ads pregame, and five markets will run ads during the game: Ada, Okla.; Grand Junction, Colo.; Paducah, Ky.; and Joplin and Springfield, Mo.

Geeze, as if worrying about what's in your aunt's seven layer dip wasn't stressful enough, now you have to figure out a way to watch an aborted fetus commercial without throwing up all over yourself at your Super Bowl party

I don't care what your stance is on abortion, but this is stupid. One thing that makes the Super Bowl (and most sporting events) great is that it's mindless fun. You get to watch a game with friends, laugh at funny commercials and have a good time. Running a grotesque political ad on a controversial wedge-issue kind of ruins that.

Hopefully, KFOR does what the Chicago NBC affiliate plans to do and refuses to air the ad. If you'd like to encourage them to do so, you can call them at 405-424-4444. If you have the emails for station management, post them in the comments for us. Thanks.

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