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Joleen Chaney’s stalker is a songwriter

7:45 AM EST on February 1, 2012

Some people think that our fascination with Joleen Chaney is a little bit creepy. I don't really think it is. Here are three reasons why:

1. We're filling a demand. If you ever pay attention to the "Most Popular" posts listed to your right, you'll notice the name Joleen Chaney usually anchored in the top spot. This is because Joleen Chaney is popular and people want to see pictures of her. Sure, our posts and our reader's appetite for them kind of feed off each other, but someone in this town has to do the dirty work.

2. We try to have good-natured fun with it. Unless we're talking about how stupid Ron Paul is, we don't take ourselves too seriously. Hopefully they don't either...unless they are dreaming about us.

3. We've never written a song that fantasizes about her. Yeah, even if what we do is a bit creepy, at least we haven't written a song about her. That's exactly what some dude named Nat Eastham did. The tune is called "A Little Bit of JoJo." He's selling it on CD Baby for 99-cents. Here's the description:

I wrote this song about a woman who just finished an amazing year in her life. She has one of those magical smiles that leaves you mesmerized. This song pays a special tribute to that.

Since we are rich internet bloggers, we bought the song, added a photo montage to it, and threw it up it on YouTube in the name of fair use. That way we can criticize it, and you and the authorities who should be driving to Joleen's house as your reading this can enjoy it. What a win-win.

Here it is:

Wow, this makes looking through your neighbors windows at night while you're out walking your dog feel totally normal. That was the most scary-funny-sad thing I've ever heard. I didn't know if I was supposed to laugh, cry or buy Joleen some pepper spray on

Seriously, if I were Joleen Chaney I'd maybe look into some thing called a restraining order. And if I were Nat Eastham, I'd quite writing Joleen Chaney notes using individual letters cut out of magazines. People may think that's suspicious.

Anyway, I wonder if the guy has written any more songs. Maybe his next release will be called "Watermelon Girl" or "Watching Joleen with binoculars from far away" or "Meg Alexander won't do." And if he does write another one, lets just he hope it posts it on YouTube and saves us the 99-cents.

Thanks for reading!

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