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Some organization is giving Oklahoma City street prostitutes free hot chocolate

5:00 AM EST on January 12, 2012

Since I can remember, it seems like Oklahoma City has always had a problem with street prostitution. The issue can be blamed on many things (i.e. truck stops, drugs, the legislature being in session), but so far, no one has really figured out a way to stop or slow the practice.

Well, an Edmond non-profit thinks they may have the solution. They are going to give free cocoa to the prostitutes.


An Edmond organization that specializes in human trafficking overseas is turning their attention to human trafficking in their own backyard.

The Salvation Army is donating a truck that “No Borders” [Editor’s Note: I believe it should be “No Boundaires] will drive to S. Robinson Ave. to bring hot chocolate to prostitutes.

They are trying to establish a relationship between OKC human trafficking industry and organizations that can help them get out.

The volunteers from the non-profit group No Boundaries International have traveled the world helping women and children escape a life of sex slavery.

Recently, their focus has shifted to include not only the international hotbeds of sex slavery, but also sex-trade victims right here in our own backyard.

They are calling it "Project Hope."

No Boundaries International believes the vast majority of prostitutes are victims of circumstance.

Debi Mangum says, "If these women are being forced into this operation, if they can't leave, if these men are taking their money, they don't even realize they are being trafficked."

I know the intentions of No Boundaries are good and everything, but is this really the best idea? Hookers want free cocoa like Jim Traber wants a garden salad. If they really wanted to establish trust with street prostitutes, they would offer them meth, clean syringes or Doritos. We know they like Doritos.

Anyway, I guess this explains why I saw the Video Vigilante walking out of Crest with a large bag of marshmallows yesterday. And if your favorite street prostitute changes her name from Raven to Swiss Miss, now you’ll know why.

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