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20 Bold Predictions for 2012 (10 – 1)

Earlier this afternoon we shared the first half of our 20 Bold Predictions for 2012. Here's part two:

10. Renzi Stone named to all 40 spots in OKC Biz magazine's 40 Under 40.

9. Russell Westbrook legally changes his name to "Metta World Ball Hog."

8. Al Eschbach marries a 23-year-old stripper from Suger's named Precious or Destiny or LaTonya

7. Todd Lamb issues press release reminding everyone that he's the Lieutenant Governor.

6. City Councilman Ed Shadid drowns trying to walk on water.

5. Grayson Chance shocks his fans when he reveals he has already made it to second base with eleven girls.

4. Chesapeake buys naming rights for itself. Renamed Chesapeake Energy Corp's Chesapeake Energy Corp.

3. The new music video by Milk on Milk “Roses Are Red, Now Let Me Drink Your Urine” will go viral on the Internet, getting millions of views per day and making Matt Fallin-Bacon and Christina Fallin-Bacon internet celebrities.

2. Mike Gundy is named a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars."

1. The Devon Tower collapses after earthquake caused by hydraulic fracturing.


So that's our 20 predictions. Thoughts, concerns, compliments?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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