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The Flaming Lips have released a sick cover of “I am the Walrus”

10:30 AM EST on December 27, 2011

Usually when the word "sick" is used to describe a song, it's considered a compliment. This time around, that's not the case. In what appears to be a promotion for one of their ridiculously overpriced New Year shows with Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band, The Lips have released a cover of the Beatles classic "I am the Walrus."

Check it out:

I really like The Flaming Lips. They're not my favorite band, but I'd probably put them in the top 10. I also like Wayne Coyne. Sure, his whimsical mad scientist psychedelic shtick and grey suit are a little old, but it's difficult not to like him. The guy seems to be a bigger fan of his fans than his fans are of him. And he's genuine about it, too. At least that's what I thought when he was nice to me.

All that being said, that song was a disaster. "I am the Walrus" is one of the great weird songs of all time. The song is so amazing that it's virtually impossible for any band to cover. Sure, any band can perform the song, but to take the tune, put a unique stamp and make the song listenable is more difficult than getting Kevin Durant to add muscle. It doesn't matter how many translucent orange discs you sing through, your cover is going to suck.

Maybe instead of covering that track, the Lips could have covered a more conventional Beatles tune. "I am the Walrus" doesn't need the Lips trademarked psychedelic treatment, but something like "I Want to Hold You're Hand" or "Can't Buy Me Love" probably could. Hell, they probably should have just covered a Plastic Ono Band song. Wayne and Steven could improve any of their songs. Granted, Hinder probably could, too, but who would want to listen to that?

p.s. - If you are rich and can afford the pricey ticket, you should try to make it out for one of the shows. In addition to the Plastic Ono Band, Phantogram and Neon Indian will be in town opening for the Lips. They are pretty good.

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