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2011 Year in Review: January, February and March

12:00 PM EST on December 27, 2011

We hope you had a swell Christmas. Hopefully, you didn’t get stuck with something boring like an overpriced blanket, Olive Garden gift card or marshmallow gun. Actually, a marshmallow gun would be a pretty awesome gift.

For the rest of this week, we are going to get all nostalgic and review the top five posts from each month during 2011. Today we’re featuring January, February, and March. Or as a corporate bullshit bingo player would say, “Q1.”

Here you go:

January 2011

5. KSBI is different
In this post we covered the new ownership change at KSBI. We even pitched some programming ideas.  Of course, "Chuck Norris movie night with Ranger Rodger" (RIP) is no longer a possibility, but we think "Wednesday's Child with Jack Bowen" still has legs.

4. Our take on the list of “25 Young Oklahomans to Watch.”
Some website listed their "Top 25 Young Oklahomans to Watch." Naturally, we then decided to make fun of it. The list had many prestigious young people on it. Our favorite was Tiffany Titsworth. Even though she's a right wing nut job, she has large breasts and her name's Titsworth. That's a double bonus.

3. The OU Twirler Girl is Good at Taking Pictures
Speaking of Titsworth, the OU twirler girl should consider making that her last name.

2. Here are some pictures of Olivia Munn from her high school yearbook
Speaking of Titsworth, Olivia joke wasn't funny the first time. Back in January, we posted Ms. Munn's yearbook photo's from PC North. For some reason, the Huffington Post then linked to it and perverts from across the country flocked to TLO to see what a young Olivia looked like.

1. The one where Governor Fallin steals a story from public radio
This post actually got us some mainstream media coverage from Gan Matthews and the Tulsa World. It also forced the Governor to explain and justify why/how she ripped off a KOSU Public Radio report for her Inauguration Address.


February 2011

5. Meet the new Mathis Brother
Mathis Brothers' commercials just aren't what they used to be. We no longer have the brothers holding small children or puppies or gerbils. We now have one of their kids — Rit — telling us about low prices and sales on Henredon furniture in an awkwardly cautious and deliberate manner.

4. 2011 City Council Breakdowns
This was supposed to be the year that the Tea Party took over our town by getting nut jobs elected to the City Council. Instead, their plan backfired and we ended up with a couple of Chamber-of-Commerce Republicans and a liberal doctor from the Green Party.

3. Taking a look at the 2011 Single in the City participants
Each year we enjoy having a little fun with the Oklahoma Magazine "Single in the City" participants.  nd each year, Oklahoma Magazine does a great job making it easy for me to do this. Seriously, they had a guy named Simon Simon in the 2011 auction. That's going to be hard to top in 2012.

2. The 20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City News Media
We publish this year every year. For some reason it's always popular. I have no clue why.

1. 2011 Winter Weather Death Watch Armageddon Live Blog
Unfortunately, it looks like we're starting to do this on an annual basis, too. Basically, when our state gets shut down by a severe winter weather event, we stay at home and blog about that over-the-top media coverage. This has its advantages, as Gary England encourages people to play our Gary England "Winter Rules" Drinking Game and Ali Meyer lost her Ogle.


March 2011

5. Toby Rowland has a job and Jim Traber is still a tool
In this post, we analyzed two important things: 1. Toby Rowland is a good guy who deserved the OU play-by-play gig. 2. Jim Traber is a tool and hypocrite for saying Toby didn't deserve the job.

4. Vandals with a sick, yet humorous, sense of humor attack Gallardia
I'm not sure why this post was so popular. Maybe people think it's funny with snotty rich folk have to look at giant graffiti dicks on their way home from the broker's office.

3. The top 25 Oklahoma sports figures since 2000
This was a fun list we started last February, but it does have some errors. For example, it looks like we made a mistake by leaving off Rex Ryan's wife's feet, but it's still a fun read.

2. Ogle Madness IV
Ogle Madness is our annual Oklahoma Celebrity Bracket Tournament. Kevin Durant won the event and became the first ever back-to-back champion.  The Diffee Kids, the 15-seed in the Northeast bracket, failed to advance...again.

1. Pair of former Sooners may have solicited a group sex partner on Craigslist
Note to self: When I become an athlete and decide to place an ad on Craigslist looking for a little group sex, I should probably not mention where me and my friend played ball. I should also probably not send pictures.

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