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Happy Holidays from the Oklahoma GOP

So I came down with some annoying cold-flu virus thing over the weekend. I'm not 100% sure what it is, but I do know my immune system works about as well as a homeless man's liver. I get sick more often than a pioneer in Oregon Trail. I wouldn't be surprised if I get bit by snake here in the next few weeks.

No lie, this is the fourth time I've been sick in 2011 and that doesn't even count the times I've been hungover or had an allergy attack. In January I came down with the real flu, in March I caught a cold, in September I came down with a stomach virus, and now I have this thing. Hell, I even had athlete's foot over the summer. Hi, ladies!

Anyway, this sucks. In fact, it sucks so bad that I don't really feel like writing anything fun or festive today. Instead, I figured I'd post a depressing video for you to watch. It's the 2011 Oklahoma GOP Party Holiday Card. Here it is:

Did you see what I did there? I called the video a "Holiday Card"...twice. Hardy-har, I bet that really pissed the GOP off. I would leave a comment on the YouTube saying something similar, but the GOP disabled comments. That's no fun.

Also, just in case you care, I searched long and hard for an Oklahoma Democratic Party Christmas Card but couldn't find anything. This is probably because Oklahoma doesn't really have a Democratic Party, and even it did, the card would be really depressing. It would probably just show Tiny Tim in a coffin, snowmen melting in the sunshine and a montage of Occupy OKC protesters being arrested to the tune of Blue Christmas. At least they would have a relevant song.

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