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Happy Thanksgiving…here are some Oklahoma trivia questions

11:16 AM EST on November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving is by far the best holiday for grown ups. You get to see family, old friends and it's socially acceptable to eat more food in 24 hours than a Feed the Children kid does in one year, but you don't have to spend money on Christmas presents or try to find a parking spot at the mall. Well, at least you don't until the day after Thanksgiving.

Anyway, we hope you're having a happy turkey day. We hope that the wine is good, the football games are fun and that you're eating dinner with the side of the family that makes the good stuffing. To keep you occupied during that weird hazy lull between the halftime of the Cowboys game to when your Grandma asks if anyone wants turkey sandwiches, here are 15 Oklahoma trivia questions. We always ask a couple of questions like these at the FREE Team Trivia Nights we host at the 51st Street Speakeasy on Tuesdays and O'Connell's on Thursdays at 8:00 (except for tonight). If you're ever bored on one of those nights and want to come see us, please do.

Here are the questions. The answers are after the jump.

1. Which Oklahoman is the founder of the popular mommy blog “The Pioneer Woman?”

2. What is the title of Bob Burke’s 2006 biography of Gary England?   A. Friday Night in the Big Town   B. Talk to Me, Val    C. Tornado Precautions   D. Weathering the Storm

3. Which former Oklahoma Governor was born June 9, 1927 in McAlester, Oklahoma?

4. What magnitude was the record-breaking earthquake the struck Sparks, Oklahoma at approximately 10:45pm on November 5th?

5. Which former Oklahoma State Cowboy was selected with the 20th pick of the NFL draft?

6. Which Custer led Indian battle / massacre occurred in Roger Mills County on November 27, 1868?

7. Which famous editorial columnist, social conservative and 60 minutes “point / counterpoint” contributor was born in Oklahoma City on November 1, 1920?

8. Where is the Pioneer Woman Museum located?

9. What well-known Oklahoma politician has written children’s books about Will Rogers and Teddy Roosevelt

10. Actor James Marsden was born in what Oklahoma town?

11. Who is the general manager of the Oklahoma City Thunder?

12. What city operates and manages Turner Falls Park?

13. How many Oklahoma counties share a name with a US State?

14. What 30,000 acre national grasslands is located primarily in Roger Mills county?

15. What Oklahoma City TV channel used the call letters WKY-TV from 1949 – 1976?


1. Ree Drummond; 2. A: Friday Night in the Big Town; 3. George Nigh; 4. 5.6; 5. Brandon Pettigrew; 6. Battle of the Washita River; 7. James Kilpatrick; 8. Ponca City; 9. Frank Keating; 10. Stillwater; 11. Sam Presti; 12. Davis; 13. 4 (Washington, Oklahoma, Texas, Delaware); 14. Black Kettle National Grasslands; 15. KFOR Channel 4


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