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KFOR Channel 4 is on top of the news…

5:01 PM EDT on October 13, 2011

Like most news organizations, KFOR NewsChannel 4 uses Facebook to inform viewers of their upcoming stories on the nightly news broadcast. And like most news organizations, KFOR NewsChannel 4 likes to stick to those stories that really matter. You know, like whether or not you should upgrade your iPhone software:

Screw the fact that someone found a dead body in a bag behind a Homeland in Bethany or that some guy spent his day getting hit by a car, escaping from an ambulance, jumping off a bridge and then leading police on a 30 minute chase through the woods. Yeah, screw all that. I just want to know if I need to upgrade my phone software. That's the news that matters.

Anyway, at least KFOR is using their Facebook account to keep people informed news. Thankfully they are not doing something cheesy like selling out-of-stock Halloween costumes. Wait...

Wow. I guess things are so bad at KFOR that they now have to push Halloween costumes on their Facebook page. Considering they are usually one of the top rated news broadcasts in the metro, that's kind of sad. What's even sadder is that it looks like they only get 10% for each costume they sell. Before you know it, they're going to force Bob Barry Jr. to give plasma and print a tastefully done Joleen Chaney swimsuit calender. I guess that wouldn't be too bad.

Also, in case you do want to buy a Sonic the Hedge Hog youth costume, I found one doing a quick internet search. It's only $30 through Kohl's. If you buy it, be sure to use the promo code makeTLOmoney. We'd appreciate it.

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