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Wendell Edwards may be digging for something

The image above was taken from a video clip of KOCO Channel 5 anchorman Wendell Edwards. The reason he is glancing sharply to his left is , well, let's just say he was surprised (and a bit embarrassed) to be on TV.

Here's the video:

Yeah, the finger sure was close to the nose. And yeah, it sure came down fast once Wendell realized he was on the air. But how do we know Wendell was picking his nose? Just look at this screen shot:

And now look at this one again:

The only time a guy is allowed to make a face like that is either when his wife is in the room, Paul Folger whistles at him, or he just gets caught picking his nose in front of thousands of people on live TV. Since Wendell's wife probably isn't on set and we didn't hear Paul Folger whistling, we can only assume one thing; Wendell is a rampant nose picker. How embarrassing. At least there isn't video of him trying to flick his boogers on Rick Mitchell or Jessica Schambach.

Also, what's more alarming? Is it that Wendell Edwards was caught picking his nose during a live segment or is it that Wendell Edwards is totally content with picking his nose right before a live segment. If he's fine with doing that, who knows what he does to his body in the privacy of his own home. Hopefully that's something only he and Paul Folger know about.

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