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What If All Bands Were Named After Sports Stars From Oklahoma?

By Tony

9:00 AM EDT on September 22, 2011

Most people know that Pearl Jam's original name was Mookie Blaylock, a tribute to the NBA player and former Oklahoma Sooner. With the upcoming release of Cameron Crowe's documentary about the band, which is titled, I believe, Flannel, Flannel Everywhere, it's a good time to discuss what other Oklahoma athletes would make a good band name. After the jump, my stab at it.

Longar Longar

If anyone out there has a Duran Duran tribute band and is looking for a good name, I highly suggest this.

Elvis Peacock

There have already been two musical Elvis', why not a third? I'd wager that "Elvis Peacock" is actually a better band name than "Mookie Blaylock" (and definitely better than "Pearl Jam," FWIW).


This guy played soccer back in the day for the Tulsa Roughnecks (which in itself is a pretty good band name IMO). Zequinha would be a good name for like a jazz band that plays weddings and things like that. I have no reasoning for this, it just seems like it.

Rocky Cherry

This guy pitched at OU, and his name needs to be adopted by either a WWF wrestler or a band. I say band, since it would be a shame to let his brother, Eagle Eye*, get all the musical accolades in the family.

*I made this up

Dxetr Mlaney

Taken by itself, Dexter Manley is not a great band name. But when you mix the letters around, it works. And is funnier.

Bullet Joe Rogan

This is the Negro League pitcher, not the UFC announcer that used to make money by torturing people on network television.

Buster Rhymes

Some rapper should name himself after this guy. Get it? Like they are "Bustin' Rhymes?" I bet if someone named themself this, they would have huge success with songs with names like as "Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check" and "Gimme Some More."

Rufus Alexanderr

"Rufus Alexander" is such a good name for a band I'm kind of surprised it hasn't been taken yet. It's vaguely absurd in that you don't see many people named Rufus and that it kinda feels like the names should be reversed, but it's also understated enough that it's not over the top. I think a folk punk band would be a perfect fit for a band named Rufus Alexander.

Who did I miss? Let me know in the comments. Others considered included Pepper Martin, Renzi Stone, Rusty Hilger, and Thabo Sefolosha.

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