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We will pay for pictures from Gan Matthews’ “Goodbye Gathering”

A few weeks ago, we reported that Gan Matthews was "resigning" from News 9 after turning down a demotion to the weekend beat. Gan's departure hit the local TV news community hard. He was a veteran reporter, well liked by his peers and had great name recognition for a beat reporter. If he was deemed to be expendable by News 9 management, who or what was next?

In response to his forced resignation, Gan's friends and colleagues have created a Goodbye Gan Matthews Facebook Group. It's filled with a bunch of farewells, memories of the good old days and even sad letters from current and former local media folks. For some reason, though, there are no posts from wizards, dwarfs or any of the other creatures Gan encountered from his travels in Middle Earth.

Anyway, in addition to creating the Facebook Group, some of Gan's colleagues have planned a "Goodbye Gathering." It will take place this Saturday night at Nonna's in Bricktown. If past media going away parties serve as any indication, the party should be fun. In fact, it will be so much fun that we are offering cash bounties for photographs. Here are the pictures we want and how much we are willing to pay for them:

$0.25: Any photo from the event.

$1: Gan Matthews drinking a margarita, piña colada or a sex on the beach

$2: Lauren Nelson flashing a Lawton gang sign.

$3: Dean Blevins asking Lauren Nelson to flash something else.

$4: Alex Cameron wearing his HBO shirt or Jaime Cerreta wearing her I HEART Lunges shirt.

$5: Mason Dunn waiting tables.

$6: Ron Stahl and Tony Sellars giving Gan Matthews a noogie.

$7: David Griffin or an actual griffin giving a toast.

$8: Ed Murray sobbing.

$9: Adrianna Iwasinski asking Rusty Surette why he invited Marisa Mendelson.

$10: Mark Rodgers buying Marisa Mendelson a drink.

$11: Mark Rodgers buying Dean Blevins a drink.

$12: Mark Rodgers buying Mark Opgrande a drink.

$13: Dick Pryor totally shit faced

$14: Bo Turner reciting his newest poem "Ode to a Grecian Gan Matthews."

$15: Gan Matthews doing a body shot off Amanda Taylor.

$20: Gan Matthews doing a body shot off Jennifer Reynolds.

$25: Gan Matthews doing a body shot off Patti Suarez.

$30: Ogle brothers fist fighting.

$40: Joleen Chaney or Liz Dueweke or Jennifer Pierce in a pink bikini.

$50: Jim Gardner lighting a cigar with burning $100 bills.

$100: Jessica Schambach and Maggie Carlo making out.

$250: Gary England striking Todd Spessard with a bolt of lightning.

Anyway, if you're able to snap any of those pictures, send them our way. If we use it on the site, we'll then send you some cash!

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