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Here are 21 Oklahoma trivia questions for you

11:04 AM EDT on September 5, 2011

As you probably know, we host FREE team trivia each Tuesday (51st Street Speakeasy) and Thursday (O'Connell's Irish Pub) night. If you ask us, it's pretty fun. Here's how it works:

• You gather a team of friends to play trivia. Your team can be as big or small as you want and will compete against other teams for cash prizes.

• We ask four rounds of questions. Each round has 10 general knowledge trivia questions. After those 4 rounds, we ask one final question. We call it Final Ogle.

• When everything is done — it usually ends around 10:15 —  we pay cash prizes to the teams that finished first, second and third.

Anyway, each night we try to include a few Oklahoma-themed trivia questions. Since today is a holiday and things are slow on the internet, I thought I'd share some of these questions — along with the correct answers — with you. Check them out after the jump.


1. Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon graduated in 1981 from this prestigious university.

2. In 2004, which actor was arrested in Oklahoma City for possession of 17.3g of marijuana and two controlled substances?

3. The deadliest plane crash in Oklahoma history occurred in 1966 outside which Oklahoma town.

4. Which Oklahoma born icon fought Bruce Lee in the 1975 flick Way of the Dragon?

5. In 2000, Oklahoma City native Suzy Amis retired from acting after marrying which prolific filmmaker.

6. In what year did Oklahoma City host the US Olympic festival?

7. Jennifer Reynolds was a broadcaster for which local news channel?

8. Who was the first Oklahoma Governor to serve two consecutive terms?

9. Enid native Mark Price spent most of his NBA career with which franchise?

10. Chris Gaines, the rock alter-ego of Garth Brooks, had one Top 40 hit. What was it?

11. Which Spanish conquistador traveled through the Oklahoma panhandle in the 16th-century while searching for the mythical “Seven Cities of Gold?”

12. Oklahoma means "Red People" in what Native American language?

13. Which two actors from the film Twister have won Oscars for Best Actor or Actress Oscar?

14. Quartz Mountain is in what mountain range?

15. Which Marvel comic book character built his temple Asgard in Oklahoma?

16. What is the official state beverage of Oklahoma?

17. In what Oklahoma town is the OK Mozart Festival held?

18. How many eagle feathers adorn the current Oklahoma state flag?

19. The first Oklahoma land run took place on what date?

20. Who was the first ever Republican to be elected governor of Oklahoma?

21. Which Oklahoma legend was born on October 3rd, 1939 in Seiling, Oklahoma?



1. Duke; 2. Macaulay Culkin; 3. Ardmore; 4. Chuck Norris; 5. James Cameron; 6. 1989; 7. KWTV Channel 9; 8. George Nigh; 9. Cleveland Cavaliers; 10. "Lost In You"; 11. Coronado; 12. Choctaw; 13. Helen Hunt and Phillip Seymour Hoffman; 14. Wichita; 15. Thor; 16. Milk; 17. Bartlesville; 18. 7; 19. April 22nd, 1889; 20. Henry Bellmon; 21. Gary England


Anyway, if you had fun answering those questions, you'd probably have fun at trivia.  So remember to gather some friends and come play....or Spencer will piss in your gas tank.

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