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This Tulsa morning radio crew claims they were intentionally poisoned at Red Robin

No, the guys pictured above are not a Puddle of Mudd tribute band or the dudes who tried to roofie your sister at City Walk. They are actually the "wild and wacky" crew behind the Billy Madison Show on 106.9 K-HITS in Tulsa.

In a civil lawsuit filed earlier this month, they claim that Mathew Rand — a (former?) cook at a Red Robin — poisoned their food while they were dining on a business lunch...and even told a rival radio station about it on Facebook.

From the Courthouse News Network:

The morning crew of a Tulsa radio station claims they were poisoned by a managing cook of a Red Robin restaurant. The four-man crew says that as they held a lunchtime "business meeting" at the restaurant, the cook manager posted on a rival station's Facebook page that they were eating there and asked "what he should do to plaintiffs' food" - and they all came down with food poisoning by the next day.

The four members of the morning crew - Nathan Norris, Jacob Day, Bishan Jones and William Garvey - say they "held a business meeting" over lunch at the Red Robin on Kenosha Street in Tulsa on Nov. 3, 2010...

Norris says he suffered "severe migraine and nausea" which caused him to leave work early that afternoon, and that evening, "after attempting to eat dinner, began vomiting uncontrollably and visited an urgent care center," where he was "diagnosed with severe food poisoning."

The next day, Day, Jones and Garvey "also visited an urgent care center and were also diagnosed with food poisoning," the complaint states.

The morning crew says "Rand poisoned Plaintiff's food" while working for Red Robin as a cook manager. They seek punitive damages for battery, negligence and vicarious liability.

First of all, if any of their claims are true, we need to give Mr. Rand a certificate or medal. I've dreamed about poisoning an annoying morning radio crew for years. The problem is that I don't work at a restaurant and have yet to see Jack, Ron or the Magic Man eating lunch anywhere.

That being said, I kind of question the legitimacy of this claim. I think it's more likely the guys conspired together and pretended to be ill than it is they were actually poisoned.

For one, it's really hard for me to believe a bunch of guys who look like they should be cooking meth on the set of Breaking Bad. Two, they call themselves the "The Billy Madison Show." I listened to some of their content here, and it's more on par with "Little Nicky" or "You Don't Mess With the Zohan." If you ask me, Adam Sandler and Universal Pictures should probably sue these guys from defamation of character and brand destruction.

Also, check out some of the photos they've posted on Facebook. They've scarfed down flies, a pig snout and four pancake platters from McDonalds at one time. However, we're supposed to believe they got sick from a poisoned hamburger. How do we know they didn't drink a raw egg and chicken blood cocktail as stunt that same morning? It wouldn't surprise me if they did.

Anyway, hopefully this case goes to trial and the facts are revealed. In the meantime, we're going to get to work on Mr. Rand's certificate. Guilty or innocent, that guy is a hero.

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