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Gan Matthews is “resigning”

11:45 AM EDT on August 22, 2011

If you're a Cleveland County resident, you may want to pour a little out for one of your homies. We have learned through the Ogle Mole Network that longtime Metro news reporter — and part-time super hero — Gan Matthews is "resigning" from Channel 9.

In a story that was sent to us by an email tipster and then validated by an Ogle Mole, Channel 9 apparently "offered" or "suggested" that Gan move to the weekend beat. Unless you're a rookie working your way up the ladder, that's the TV news equivalent of being demoted from the Major Leagues to AA or being selected to head up the new corporate division in Tulsa around Christmas time.

According to our sources, Gan respectfully "declined" the reassignment and put in his two weeks notice. We're not sure if Gan was then let go or if he's allowed to work out his two weeks, but regardless, it's kind of sad.

You see, Gan Matthews has been appearing on Oklahoma City television sets longer than some of us have been alive. And whether he was reporting on the muckraking mischief caused by obscure local social bloggers or the sad story of some guy who was scammed out of $20, you knew that a Gan Matthews story would be a quality one...and that it would also make you think of hobbits and elves.

Also, Gan Matthews' resignation appears to be just another sad causality in Channel 9's war against declining ratings. The Griffin family has been clearing house and reorganizing things for the past year or so, but you have to wonder how getting rid of longtime loyal employees really helps things improve.

For example, Ed Murray was demoted from the morning news team and replaced with Stan Miller. When Ed went on medical leave a while back, you would have thought we were going to have to issue a Silver Alert for him. We got a bunch of emails wondering where he was and if he was okay. Meanwhile, Stan Miller was just voted the worst news anchor in Oklahoma City.

Anyway, we wish Gan Matthews the best of luck landing on his feet. He'll probably do what all former TV news people do and get a cushy job as the spokesperson for some state agency or selling cars on TV. In fact, I nominate him to be the new mustache of savings for Fowler Volkswagen. That would be cool.

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