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Worst of OKC: Worst Anchorwoman

It was difficult to come up with nominees for this category. Now that Amy McRee and her pink bikini are in California, most of the anchor women are about the same. The only difference is that some are more annoying than others. Check out the nominees after the jump.

Meg Alexander

We get a lot of emails about Meg Alexander. And when I say a lot, I mean like two or three a year. Most of them have something to do with her hair or hair or hair.


Linda Cavanaugh

Ahhh, the queen of the Oklahoma City media. Can you imagine what would happen if she turned to evil and started a war with Gary England? It would be like Lord of the Rings meets Battlefield Earth meets Willow. I think.

Regardless, Gary England would probably win by harnessing the power of his Magic Gentner.


Liz Dueweke

Here's the deal, Liz Dueweke is hot, but she's never really duplicated the hotness of this picture. Two, she still won't follow us on Twitter. Buzz kill.

Robin Marsh

I've never been too sure about Robin Marsh. Maybe that's because she's on TV in the morning while I'm asleep, or maybe it's because I can't really imagine her ever farting.


Amanda Taylor

Amanda Taylor has never seemed comfortable as the new evening anchor for Channel 9. This could be because she's slightly intimidated by working next to local legends Gary England, Kelly Ogle and...uhm....Gan Matthews. Or it could be that she's worried that Matt Mahler will rain a mysterious shower of epic proportions all over her.


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