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The Oklahoma marijuana harvest is in trouble…

Just when you thought the record-breaking heat wave couldn't be more destructive, the Tulsa World is reporting it is ruining the Oklahoma marijuana harvest.

Marijuana plants are withering under the blistering heat in Oklahoma this summer.

However, if the crops survive and drug investigators seize it, they can't burn the drugs due to the burn ban, said Mark Woodward, a spokesman with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

Man, that sucks. Sitting around your living room and smoking weed is one of the two enjoyable things you can do during this heat wave. The other is renting this thing for day, but even it loses some fun if you're not stoned:

In honesty, this news isn't all that bad. According to Clark Matthews, the marijuana that's grown in places like Mexico or California (where it is essentially legal, mind you) is more readily available than the Oklahoma stuff. Plus, you can always just sit around your living room and get drunk. At least that's the more socially acceptable thing to do.

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