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Joleen Chaney and Emily Sutton take good photographs…

Last Thursday, Joleen Chaney and Emily Sutton took part in a charity fundraiser at Friends on Memorial Rd. At the event, Joleen served up drinks as a celebrity bartender, Emily performed some karaoke classics and they both fended off advancements by the 50-something year old swingers who call Friends their home away from home.

Here's a picture of the two from the event. It was posted on Emily's Facebook Page:

Uhm, is it just me or has Emily Sutton gotten way hotter over the past year? She used to be kind of cute in a nerdy weather girl type of way, but nerdy weather girls don't pull off a yellow dresses like that!

Seriously, how did this even happen? If you follow the two on Twitter, you can kind of tell that Joleen and Emily have become better friends over the past six months. Who knows, maybe as a result of this friendship Joleen has given Emily some hot girl tips and pointers, or maybe Emily knew she had to move up to the next gear if she was going to be Joleen's BFF. One other possibility is Joleen watched that terrible Freddie Prinze Jr. / Rachael Leigh Cook film on Lifetime or something and decided to try out a similar experiment on Emily. If so, it worked out well.

Anyway, regardless of how this happened, I definitely approve of the new Emily Sutton. She may be the most well-rounded hot woman in the local news media. Not only can she pull off the yellow dress, but she also sings, knows a thing or two about maxi-wedge tornadoes and she's not afraid to wear a tacky necklace.

Also, a funny thing about this picture, despite the fact that it was taken at Friends and it appears Joleen is wearing shorts, is the reaction it received on Facebook. It's like the "League of Creepy Men Who Try to Hard" convened on Emily's page all at once and decided to leave awkward comments and subtle advancements.

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