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Welcome to Oklahoma…or The Gates of Hell

This will get us to the half way point.

I'm hot, and I hate being hot. When I am hot, I feel the same way Jim Traber does whenever someone confronts him with a logical argument.

When the thermometer hits 90, I get uncomfortable. When it nears 100, I think of nothing else, least of all interesting local stories. It doesn't help that this ridonkulous weather overtaxed my A/C to the point that it overheated and blew out, and now I'm living the blogger's dream of living with my parents until the parts needed to fix it arrive. I have lost any semblance of creativity hurling only generic curses about the situation, again like Jim Traber when confronted with logic.

I hate to bring up global warming, or climate change, or whatever you want to call it, because I want to beat people who crack jokes about Al Gore whenever the current temperature is slightly below average for that day...but dammit, where the eff are those people? Jim Inhofe builds an igloo when it snows and releases pictures to the media with passive aggressive verbiage about proving the Earth is getting warmer--even though he is in a place where snow is common. So, of course, skeptics like him, Michele Bachmann, and even my idol Gary England are pretty silent right now.

Yes, it is supposed to be hot. It's July. But according to Rick Mitchell on Twitter yesterday, we have surpassed the century mark in high temperature for 17 consecutive days. He also mentioned that the record is 50 and that we are well on our way to breaking that mark. This could mean we are only a third of the way through this heat spell.

This will get us to the half way point.

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