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Rick Mitchell has strange fans…

We give Rick Mitchell a tough time on this site.  This is primarily because he's the third ranked weatherman in a TV market where weather coverage is king, but there are other reasons.

For example, he still comes across as a bit of a goober — I've heard a rumor that even Paul Folger gives him wedgies — plus he's a Nebraska Cornhusker football fan.  You also can't ignore that Channel 5 doesn't own their own chopper.  Who can watch a weatherman without his own chopper and chopper pilot?

All that being said, Rick Mitchell does have a devout, odd and loyal following.  That explains why stuff like this randomly appears on the wall of the women's bathroom at the Cock of the Walk bar on N. Western:

Yeah, apparently some girl decided to show her love (seriously...) for Rick Mitchell while peeing at a bar in North Oklahoma City.  Or at least we should hope she was peeing.  In fact, we should really hope she was peeing.

Anyway, little things like this probably help Rick Mitchell's morale, which I guess is good. You'll probably see him acting all proud and happy the next time he cuts in to Wipeout to tell you about a severe thunderstorm in Enid.

Also, this makes me wonder what Gary England or Mike Morgan's fans do to show their appreciation.  I bet it involves the blood of a virgin or calf.  It also makes me wonder if Jeff George write's his own name on the bathroom wall.  I have heard that Jeff George pees while sitting down, so it wouldn't surprise me if he does.

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