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Charlie Sheen invented Tulsa in his sleep…

Yesterday, America’s favorite drug addict turned social media expert– Mr. Charlie Sheen – informed the world of a very amazing fact. He – and not the Creek Indians or oil or QuikTrip – invented Tulsa.  And he did it in his sleep.

Since Sheen’s statement has nothing to do with porn stars, cocaine or tigers blood, I’m not really sure I believe it. But...I guess it is cool that Charlie Sheen claims to have invented an Oklahoma town in his sleep. And apparently we’re not the only ones who think that, because the Tulsa World immediately published an article about their city’s brush with celebrity:

To say Charlie Sheen’s media blitz has captured the nation’s interest is an understatement.

On Monday, he made Tulsa a focal point on the social networking site Twitter.

Brian Pingleton, of Tulsa’s Patterson Realtors tweeted to Charlie Sheen: “@charliesheen Let me be the 1st person from Tulsa, OK you follow! Lovin' #tigerblood!”

Sheen responded a few minutes later with “I invented Tulsa, my sleep."

His reply was retweeted over 100 times within minutes. Sheen, who started his Twitter account last week, already had 2,082,672 as of 2 p.m. Monday.

“You never know what (Sheen’s) going to do at any given moment, but since he responded, I’m just gonna run with it,” Pingleton said. “If it gives Tulsa more spotlight then I’m all for it.”

Thousands have been tweeting Sheen daily, and the actor has only responded a handful of times. Pingleton said the idea just hit him, and he thought, “Why not make it Tulsa-centered.

Normally I’d criticize a newspaper for making a big deal out of something like this, but hey, this is Tulsa we’re talking about. Prior to yesterday, the most attention that Tulsa had ever received was when Chandler quit his job because he had to spend Christmas there. Or maybe when that whole MMMbop thing happened. I’m not totally sure.

Regardless, kudos to our neighbors to the northeast for finally getting some national attention. Maybe next time you can get a Bieber or Gaga to give you a shout out. Sure, it would probably need to have something to do with Hanson, but good luck.

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