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20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City News Media (5 -1)

1:26 PM EST on February 22, 2011

Well, it's the day you've been waiting for.  Today we are counting down the five hottest women in the Oklahoma City news media.  If you missed the other parts of the countdown, here they are:

20 - 16

15 - 11

10 -6

Also, last night I was at Edna's helping celebrate their 22nd anniversary.  Several people from the Channel 25 news team happened to be there.  This is what I learned:

- The people in the media really do care about these rankings.

- Jaime Cerreta is "sassy."

- Myron Patton had no clue that his old mustache was a 16-seed in the original Ogle Madness field.

- Shawn Clynch wears glitter shoes.

Anyway, the top 5 are after the jump.

5. Jessica Schambach, Anchor, KOCO Channel 5

Even though she's a mom, is married to a guy who could beat us up, and has to work with Paul Folger, Jessica Schambach is always a fixture on this countdown.  Why?  She's hotter than a swarm of bees.  She also has a hot niece.  Bonus!


4. Jennifer Pierce, Anchor/Reporter, KWTV Channel 9

Jennifer Pierce is hot, but she's also a Latin girl.  That pretty much means she's crazy in both good and bad ways.  It also means she is fun.  But...she's also has like three or five or seven kids or something.  That means she falls below the person who is next.


3. Jessica Perez, Anchor, KTUZ Channel 30

Originally I planned on using a better second pic of Jessica, but she turned her Facebook Page private. Who knows, maybe she doesn't want total strangers going over her Facebook pictures.  What a weirdo.

Regardless, I think we finally have a reason to watch Telemundo.  And that reason is Jessica Perez.


2. Joleen Chaney, Anchor/Reporter, KFOR Channel 4

This is the third consecutive year Joleen has made the rankings. She finished 1st last year and 4th in 2009.  That means her average is like two or something.

Anyway, Joleen is battle axe hot.  Seriously, how many reporters can actually look hot while while doing an outdoor shot in windy arctic weather?  Not many.

She may have finished first this year, but we've heard through the Ogle Mole network that Ms. Joleen may be involved in a scandal in Grady County.   Who knows if it's a true or not, but if it is, she'll probably move back up to number one.


1. Liz Dueweke, Anchor/Reporter, KOKH Fox 25

As of right now, Liz Dueweke is the hottest women in the Oklahoma City News Media.  She's looks hot on TV, in Legos, at a bar or after working out at the gym.  She even likes good music.  Did we mention she's hot?

Right now the only thing wrong with Liz Dueweke is that she has a boyfriend who wears shirts from Baby Gap, but we'll let that slide...because she's hot.


Anyway, that is this year's list.  Thanks to all the Ogle Moles for the pictures and feedback!

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