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The 20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City Media (10 – 6)

12:12 PM EST on February 15, 2011

This week, we will countdown the 10 hottest women in the local news media.  Before we begin, lets review 20 - 11 (or you can view them yourself here and here).

20. Amanda Guerra, Reporter, KOCO Channel 5

19. Danielle Vollmar, Weekend Meteorologist, KOKH Channel 25

18. Amanda Taylor, Evening Anchor, KWTV Channel 9

17. Bobbie Miller, Reporter/Anchor, KFOR Channel 4

16. Brittany Baldy, KAUT Fox 43

15. Maggie Stokes, Reporter, KOCO Channel 25

14.  Kelly Krull, Thunder Sideline Reporter, Fox Sports Oklahoma

13. Ali Meyer, Morning Anchor/Reporter, KFOR Channel 4

12. Lauren Craun, Traffic Reporter, Citadel

11. Lacey Lett, DeeJay,

Check out 10 - 6 after the jump.

10. Tara Vreeland, Anchor/Reporter, KOTV 6

Okay, Tara Vreeland technically is a reporter for Channel 6 in Tulsa.  But, since Channel 9 and 6 share news stories and reports, we occasionally get to see her in OKC.  That may be a weak excuse, but it's my justification for totally putting her on this countdown.  Of course, it helps that she was a Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May...and that she likes cupcakes...and puppies...and pole dancing.  Just kidding about one of those.


9. Angela Rosecrans, Reporter, OETA

What happened to Jimmy Hoffa?  Why do airplanes fly?  Which alien race built the pyramids?  Those are some of life's greatest questions.  Another one is who the hell is Angela Rosecrans.

Seriously, she's made this list pretty much every year but we know nothing about her.  That probably has a little bit to do with the fact that she's a reporter for the Oklahoma News Report on OETA.  I think last week the show only  had 278 viewers.  The week before last it had 283, but three viewers died due to congestive heart failure and two others forget how to turn on the TV.

Anyway, maybe more people would watch OETA if they knew Angela was a reporter.  Another thing that would help would be to give Dick Pryor his own nightly opinion piece.  My suggested title for that would be "Dick's Take."


8. Erin Guy, Reporter, KOCO, Channel 5

In my Winter Weather Death Watch Armageddon Live Blog, I wrote that Erin Guy is "cute in a girl next door that you’d like to get drunk and mess around with" type of way. These pictures totally prove that.  You see, you can go to Edna's with Erin and kick it and drink a couple of lunch boxes.  While you're there you can then talk about if Matt Garza can really be a number 1 starter, if Kerry Wood will be a solid set-up guy for Carlos Marmol, and Aramis and Soriono can bounce back from down years and provide pop in the middle of the line-up.  After that, well, who knows about after that.

p.s. - Did you notice that Erin is wearing a Cubs shirt in that second picture?  Suck it, Cardinals fans.


7. Jaime Cerreta, Evening Anchor, KOKH Fox 25

Jaime Cerreta is hot. She's so hot that we convinced Andrew Speno to donate some of his salary to her so that she doesn't leave town.  She's so hot that Clark Matthews now does lunges.  She's so hot that people come to our site to see if she's single. Check out the following list of search engine queries we received last night:

What's more alarming?  Someone is stalking Jaime Cerreta and stumbling across our site or someone is searching for stuff about pandas and stumbling across our site?  I'll go with pandas.


6. Lauren Nelson, Anchor, KWTV Channel 9

If I was a president giving a state of the hottness speech about our local media, I would say "it is very very strong."  Need proof?  Lauren Nelson came in at number 6.  She's a f*cking former Miss America!  Plus, there aren't too many women in the media who can pull off a yellow bikini like that.

All that being said, she's from Lawton.  I'm not sure if a girl from Lawton can make our top five.  Plus, we've heard she's kind of boring.  Boring girls are lame.


Here's the entire countdown:

20 - 16

15 - 11

10 -6

5 -1

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