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So, about Justin Beiber using Mike Gundy’s rant as a ringtone…

This weekend, the world learned that Justin Bieber uses Mike Gundy’s famous words “I’m a man, I’m 40” as his ringtone.  The world may never be the same. Here it is:

Some thoughts:

- Now that we know Bieber uses Mike Gundy’s rant as a ringtone, I wonder what Greyson Chance will change his ringtone to?   Perhaps he’ll go with They are who we thought they were! And we let 'em off the hook!” or maybe something similar like “Playoffs?  You kidding me? P-P-P-playoffs???” Those would be simple and fun.  However, if he was smart, he would go with something like this:

- OU should release a ringtone for Bob Stoops.  It doesn’t need to be very good.  Maybe have him say one of his catchphrases like “Certainly in a great way” or “Hey, that’s for you all to decide.”  Granted, those ringtones would be boring and stale, but they’d be able to sell a ton of them because they feature Bob Stoops.  Bob Stoops could be caught stealing cute puppies and lollipops from small children and most OU fans would still love him.

- I like how the first thing the deejay asks about Bieber’s friend who I’ve fortunately never heard of is “What is he wearing?”  Uhm… listen here chubby Mexican Disney radio guy with a higher pitched voice, don’t ever try to pull stuff like that in Oklahoma.  If you do, you’ll probably go to jail on terrorism charges.  Irvin Box or Sharia law probably won’t even be able save you.

- We are the ones who originally uploaded the Gundy clip to YouTube.  The video was viewed nearly 700,000 times before KOCO posted it and filed a copyright claim on it.  Anyway, that means there’s a chance that Bieber may have watched a video that we uploaded to YouTube.  That excites me way more than it should.

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