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State Senator Josh Brecheen doesn’t like science…

Last week, the Gazette published an article about an anti-science bill being introduced by State Senator Josh Brecheen (pictured above and to the left).  Per the Gazette, Brecheen’s proposed legislation would mandate that “students in public school receive a comprehensive education in science and learn how to compare and contrast a variety of scientific viewpoints.” Basically, he wants to make sure that students can learn the "scientific" "theory" of intelligent long as the intelligent designer is the Christian God.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Brecheen.  We first wrote about him after he was named the top “Young Oklahoman to Watch” by the Oklahoma Truth Council.  At the time, we were so enamored by the hotness of his wife that we overlooked one key thing about Brecheen:  He’s a nut job.

If you need proof, look no farther than the editorial columns he writes for the Durant Daily Democrat.  In them, he preaches anti-science rhetoric, defends puppy mills and hits on all the cliché anti-government tea party talking points.

Instead of spending eight hours pointing out all the stupid things this guy has written in a small town newspaper, I figured I’d take four excerpts from some of his columns, let you read them, and then give you the chance to vote on which one you think makes him look like a bigger idiot.  Sound fun?

You can read the excerpts and vote after the jump.  And here’s a fair warning.  This may be the toughest poll ever.  Even tougher than last year's Ogle Madness Final 4.

Excerpt One from Brecheen says the religion of evolution is plagued with falsehoods.”

"If Darwin is right then I am free to be the strongest by eating all in my way (forget “love thy neighbor”). Additionally, we put zero thought to the psychological consequences of low self-esteem as people are taught their existence is as purposeless as their “brother and sister animals.” This produces a value system where protecting beetles is prioritized but unborn children are not."

"The philosophy taught in the classroom today will be the governing philosophy 20 years from now. We must not use tax dollars to teach hypothesis as fact."

(Editor’s Note:  My favorite part is where he worries about the low self esteem, psychological consequences and purposeless existence suffered by those who are taught (and understand) a proven scientific theory.  If only everyone blindly worshiped a Christian God who has the power to punish non-believers and rule breakers with eternal damnation in a fiery Hell, the world would be a happier and better place!   And yeah, screw people.  Save the beetles.)


Excerpt Two from Brecheen discusses evolution and Darwinian Theory.”

"As a high school and university student forced to learn about evolution I was never told there were credible scientists who harbor significant skepticism toward Darwinian Theory. I easily recall a full semester at SOSU where my English 1 professor forced us to write almost every paper over the “facts” of evolution. That professor had a deep appreciation for me by semester end due to our many respectful debates as I chose to not be blindly led. I specifically remember asking how in 4,000 years of recorded history how we have yet to see the ongoing evidence of evolution (i.e. a monkey jumping out of a tree and putting on a business suit)."

(Editor’s Note:  Man, it would have sucked being this guy’s English I professor.  “Just write your damn compare and contrast paper and leave me alone!”  I like how he chose not to be “blindly led” by the theory of evolution, but he openly embraces a religion that's based entirely on faith and blind acceptance.    And can’t you say that the constant evolution of the influenza virus is a good and basic ongoing example of evolution that’s taken place in the last 4,000 years of recorded history?  I mean it’s no “Monkey jumping out of tree and putting on a business suit” but there’s a reason they have to make a new flu vaccine each year.)


Excerpt Three from Identification of those selling sickly animals is the key to a new plan.”

"In an attempt to preserve constitutionally guaranteed personal property rights, I have filed SB15. This bill would overturn the Commercial Pet Breeders Act, which narrowly passed during the last legislative session."

(Editor’s Note:  This guy is pro-puppy mill.  That's classy.  Blame him the next time your roommate brings home an inbred Labradoodle that pees on your bed and smells like scurvy.)


Excerpt Four from “Brecheen speaks about repealing Oklahoma Arts in Public Places Act.

Enacted in 2004, Senate Bill 1347 (“State of Oklahoma: Art in Public Places Act”), required that 1.5 percent of the cost of construction or renovation of state-owned projects (highway construction or public buildings) be set aside for artwork. It has applied to projects costing at least $250,000 with the maximum assessment not exceeding $500,000. By statute, the artwork has been spent in, on, or near facilities or highways. More than $5 million dollars will soon be spent in current project compliance and millions more in expenditures have already occurred/are on the horizon. Most of these dollars are going for projects in or near Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma is cutting funding to agencies and programs because of the shrinking budget yet we are spending millions of dollars on public art. Some are asking for an explanation. Last summer, a Marshall county community leader took the time to visit with me about this area of state expense. After researching it further, I promised to work on a repeal of the Oklahoma Arts in Public Places Act. I spoke about it for many months and in filing SB14, I am following suit on that commitment.

Those supporting the passage of SB1347 (six years ago) argued public art would enhance the quality of life for Oklahomans and make the state more attractive to out-of-state companies. I absolutely agree.

(Editor’s Note:  Yeah.  Fuck art and making our public buildings look decent.  And while I agree that public art will enhance the quality of life for Oklahomans and make our state more attractive to out-of-state companies, let’s stop funding it.  Art is for sissies.)


Anyway, those are just four excerpts.  You can read all of his writings at the Durant Daily Democrat.  Vote for the one you think makes him look like a bigger idiot below:

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