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Meet the new Mathis Brother…

9:07 AM EST on February 3, 2011

Over the past week, we've received several emails, tweets and pokes asking for details about Rit Mathis...the mysterious individual who appears in the new Mathis Brothers commercials (see above). Questions have ranged from "Did the Mathis Brothers clone themselves?" to "Is this the Lost Mathis?" to "Did one of the Mathis Brothers really get drunk a name his kid after a cracker?"

Well, we're not sure about the answers to those questions, but here's what we do know.  Rit Mathis likes beer and Jenga.  From his Facebook page:


Here's the deal.  I have no problem with the "Look at me.  I'm drinking hoppy German beer at Oktoberfest!" photo.  That's pretty standard for Facebook.  But what the hell is up with the Jenga picture?   No one should look at Jenga like that.  He almost looks like he wants to seduce it, eat it and sell it a sectional.  Plus he's drinking water.  Who over the age of 16 plays Jenga while sober?

That being said, this kid doesn't look like too bad of a dude.  Sure, he's had a privileged life and probably got some awesome furniture for free when he moved out of his dad's house, but on his Facebook page, he likes things such as Chekhov, Rushmore and The Colbert Report.  He also mentions something about gerbils...maybe.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see if Rit Mathis' profile continues to grow.  Maybe he'll graduate from giving quick blurbs about Lady Americana to holding a small dog in his lap while reclining in a La-Z-Boy.  Also, maybe some other young Mathis will appear in the commercials with him.  And if this new person isn't named Triscuit, I'll be disappointed.

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