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KFOR needs to slow the f*ck down”¦

I know that Channel 4 wants to be the first local channel to report breaking news stories, but they should probably obey local laws while doing so.  Here's a picture sent to us via the Ogle Mole Network:

Man, what's going on with Channel 4?  First they start using bad language and now they are speeding on the highway.  Pretty soon, they are going to do an investigative report that concludes smoking isn't really all that bad for you and how chronic masturbation makes you look like Bob Barry Jr.

Also, I wonder what the KFOR employee did to try and get out of a ticket?  After pretty college girls with large breasts, Barry Switzer and Carboard Jim Traber, I bet people driving news trucks have the easiest time getting out of tickets.  They just have to say something like "I'm covering a breaking news story on the great work our law enforcement officers are doing" or "I know Val Caster."   I bet they don't have to cry, either. And they also don't have to go through the placating shame of calling the officer "sir" and then telling him "Thank You" as he gives you a $150 speeding ticket.

Damn local media.  They get all the perks.

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