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KFOR Exclusive: Man Volunteers Skunk Fuck Eliminator

If you're anything like the average Oklahoman, you've probably had to deal with your fair share of skunks fucking on or near your property.  Fortunately for us, KFOR NewsChannel 4 has found a solution this problem.  It's called the Skunk Fuck Eliminator.  And a local man is volunteering its use"¦whatever that means.

Okay.  There's really no such thing as a Skunk Fuck Eliminator.  The F-bomb was just a very unfortunate typo that appeared on last night.   The real story was about something just as odd: The Skunk Funk Eliminator.  Or as some people call it...the Skunk-a-nator.

The smell is unmistakable. The moment you enter Purcell's Multipurpose Center, it'll getcha! "Absolutely. As soon as I walked in the door," volunteer Peggy Christian said. Recently, a skunk sprayed thousands of toys collected for McClain County's "Operation Christmas."

Volunteers tried to air out the gifts and saturate them with odor-eating air freshener but nothing worked.

Christian says, "I had nightmares of putting all this out in the garbage. And money, goes down the tubes and all the items, down the tubes."

Roger Fawcett with Five Star Restoration saw our story and arrived Wednesday morning with the Skunk-a-nator!

It's a canon that shoots a London-like fog and kills the smell.

Fawcett says, "This may be all these kids get for Christmas or all year and we as a company want to take care of these kids."

Anyway, to KFOR's credit they did remove the typo after an hour or two, but still, what a FUBAR.  Seriosuly, WTF is wrong with them. 

Here are a few things we can learn from all this:

1. Of all the words in the English language, "Funk," "Hunt," and "Slow Job" are the ones you probably want to double-check the most when you proofread something.

2.  Cannons that shoot a deodorizing London fog can save Christmas.  Hallelujah.

(Tip and pic via the Ogle Mole Network)

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