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Six reasons why you should vote for Mary Fallin today”¦

12:15 AM EDT on November 2, 2010

Today, Oklahomans from across the state will go to the polls and elect their next governor.  The choices are two nice ladies: Republican Mary Fallin and  Democrat Jari Askins.

If you are still undecided about which candidate to vote for, and want to see where they stand on important issues like their favorite weatherman or Mexican restaraunt, check out the interviews we conducted earlier this year:

Mary Fallin Q&A

Jari Askins Q&A

If those Q&As don't help, check out our six reasons why you should vote for either candidate.  Mary Fallin's are after the jump.  You can read our six for Jari Askins by clicking here.

1. Mary Fallin has "Private Sector" experience"¦

Mary Fallin loves to point out that before she entered politics she worked in the "private sector."  She likes to do this because "Private Sector" is a sexy word that sounds good.

However, just saying that you worked in the private sector is a pretty vague statement.  Technically, the CEO of Devon and the guy who makes your onion rings at Johnnie's both work in the private sector, so we asked the Fallin campaign to provide the details of her private sector experience.  Here is what they offered:

From 1980 to 1990, Mary Fallin worked as a Public Relations Officer for Associated Petroleum, Director of Sales for Maddox Real Estate, a Director of Sales for Marriot, and the Regional Manager for Lexington Hotel Suites.

So basically, from the ages of 25 "“ 35, Mary worked in PR, sold real estate and drove around making sure the general managers at Oklahoma's Lexington Hotels were keeping costs down and the sheets clean.  I'm not really sure how any of that helped prepare her to act as the CEO of a billion-dollar public sector thing called Oklahoma, but maybe she can use her connections to get all of us discounted hotel stays.  We'd all enjoy that.


2. Mary Fallin is a mother of children"¦

At least that's how Mike Gundy would put it.

Yes, Mary Fallin has given birth and has raised children.  We already knew this, but now the world (and ladies on the View) knows it too because Mary Fallin brought it up in the first gubernatorial debate.

Since Mary's a mom in her 50s, that means she probably knows things that other Moms know.  Things like the price of milk, who's competing on American Idol, and the names of Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and the plots to all of  The Land Before Time movies.  Every Governor should know those types of things.


3. Mary Fallin isn't a prude"¦

So, I once heard from a friend of a friend of family member that Mary Fallin once made out with some guy in his 20s at a party a few years back.  Since we don't have any Christine O'Donnell type evidence, we have no clue if this statement is true.  However, the thought of big parties at the Governor's mansion seems pretty cool.


4. Mary Fallin voted for the Bank Bailout"¦

Even though Mary Fallin is a fiscal conservative who wants to cut government spending, lower taxes and fight those Washington liberals, she did approve a rather large government bailout of our banking system that pushed our national debt over a trillion-zillion dollars.

Although I hate the fact that we had to bailout a corrupt system, it did probably prevent a larger, broader and deeper recession.  Basically, it was something we had to do.  And for having the common sense to put aside her clichéd political talking points and doing something that was right, she deserves some credit.


5. Mary Fallin is easily confused...

This would make April's Fools Day pretty fun, because it would be pretty easy to fool Mary.  This is because she's easily confused.  As I mentioned above, she claims to be a fiscal conservative, yet she voted for the bank bailout.  She says she wants to take on Washington liberals, yet she's quitting her job in Washington to run for Governor.  She doesn't really have any concrete solutions or plans for any issues, but instead falls back on tired and clichéd political talking points.  I'm not sure if that last point has anything to do with confusion, but we'll pretend it does.


6. Mary Fallin really likes movies"¦

A few years ago, Mary mentioned in an interview that she appeared as an extra in a Molly Ringwald film.  It was probably this one about teen suicide that was actually filmed in Oklahoma.  She also was involved with the Oklahoma Film Advisory Commission. She may have led it or something while she was Lieutenant Governor.

Anyway, I guess it's safe to assume that Mary Fallin likes movies, and that she wants more movies to be filmed in Oklahoma.  If that means more Jessica Albas and Great White Shark posters, I'm all for it.


So those are six good reasons why you should vote for Mary Fallin.  To read six about Jari Askins, click here.

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