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This is why your last order at Braum’s was wrong…

When I go to Braum's, I don't get mad when I have to wait behind one car in the drive-thru for 10 minutes.  It also doesn't bother me when they deny my request to leave pickles off my burger, give me a shake instead of a malt, or simply choose to serve me cold french fries.  This is because I've learned to accept that when I go to Braum's the order will probably be wrong and/or the service very slow, and that instead of worrying about it or getting flustered, I should just embrace it and enjoy life.

That's why this video of two Braum's employees rapping for a gay guy while they serve customers didn't bother me.  If anything, it was comforting and soothing.  It was like figuring out the meaning to life, but instead of learning why we exist and who created us, we learn why someone forgot to hold the nuts on the Sundae, but put extra onion on the cheeseburger.  It's like one of life's great mysteries is finally explained.

Anyway, maybe next time I'll discover a video that explains why Braum's makes such excellent hangover food.  Right now, my bet is that they sprinkle Advil dust over the hamburger meat.   Oddly enough, that kind of sounds plausible.

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